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Scalp Bumps Treatments & Remedies That Work

Updated on October 8, 2012
Herbal Treatment To Eliminate This Problem! To Seller for Over 5 years!
Herbal Treatment To Eliminate This Problem! To Seller for Over 5 years! | Source

What Causes Scalp Bumps?

There are several different kinds of scalp bumps. There are the small red ones that seem to itch. There are also larger ones that can occur anywhere on the head but very much seem to occur on the back of the head and often at the temples. There are large sebolytic bumps that are filled with scalp oils. There are also the bumps that seem to come with a very bad or severe itchy head.

The main causes are seborrheic dermatitis ( a condition where the scalp produces too much oil and has a reaction to this. This condition is often associated with severe itching and flaking at the hairline but also all over the entire scalp. You can also get these problems in the eyebrows, ears and even the beard.) Another cause is an allergic reaction to hair products or anything that touches the head. If you have bumps in the same place that your hat touches or where you lay your head at night then you could have a contact dermatitis.

Another cause is plain and simple scalp acne or pimples. You might think that these would be the easiest to deal with the fact of the matter is that if you do not know what works or how to get rid of the acne then you could struggle with it for many years. However, if you know then you can alleviate the acne in just days.

Dandruff can also cause itchy scalp bumps! Larger bumps are typically caused by a sebum condition and these large bumps are filled with scalp oils!

My Head & Hair Has Never Been Healthier!

What Works The Best On Bumps - No Side Effects?

Without a doubt the herbal products are much preferred over the steroid and medicated shampoos that doctors typically prescribe. The steroids can do some damage to the delicate skin on and around the hair follicles. They can also break down the scalp's outter most barrier which protects from many of the other issues that you can have!

Herbs For Long Term Results On Any Kind Of Bumps!
I can tell you from experience that the herbal treatments work much better and have no side effects that I have ever used. After I started using Zincplex on my scalp I noticed that my scalp was much healthier but also my hair grew much faster and much healthier than it did when I left the problem unchecked!

Herbs Purify and Cleanse - They Don't Coat The Hair and Hide Problems! They are deep penetrating to focus on the root where the hair grows from! This is vital. You must absolutely get the root cleansed before you can get rid of any scalp issues or problems. Unhealthy means Unhealthy hair and it truly is that simple!

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