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Pentavalent (5-in-1) Vaccine

Updated on October 9, 2015

Pentavalent, What is it?

Pentavalent vaccine or the 5-in-1 vaccine. The five vaccines joined together to protect the children from the five lethal diseases namely:

Haemophilus Influenza Type B a type of disease that can affect many organ system of the body.The most common types are meningitis, epiglottitis, arthritis, cellulitis and pneumonia .

Pertussis or Whooping Cough is an infection of the respiratory system caused by the bacterium Bordetella Pertussis or B. Pertussis. This disease affects babies that are not yet protected by the immunization whose age group are younger than six months of age, and kids from 11-18 years old whose immunity has started to fade.

Tetanus or much known as "lockjaw". a very serious bacterial disease that mainly affects nervous system which leads to tightening of muscles and jaw. Fatality is highest in individuals who haven't been immunized and in older adults with inadequate immunization.

Hepatitis B is a viral infection which brings damage mainly to the liver. It is potentially life-threatening liver infection and a major global health problem. It can cause chronic infection and puts people at high risk of death from cirrhosis and liver cancer.

Diphtheria a bacterial infection that affects the membranes of the throat and nose. And If left untreated, diphtheria can cause severe damage to your kidneys, nervous system, and heart.

These 5 diseases are very serious and if left ignored, this will lead to serious problem in the future which could lead to death.

When Is It Given?

Every pentavalent vaccine must consist 0.5ml and shall be given intramuscular in the mid-thigh region through syringes. These doses should be given at:

6 weeks - Penta 1

10 weeks - Penta 2

14 weeks - Penta 3

An interval of at least one (1) month or four (4)weeks is important to make sure that the antibody responses are well and the protection is highly effective. Parents must make sure too that the baby completes the vaccination course of three injections otherwise the baby may not be fully protected against these type of diseases.


When Must This Vaccination NOT Be Given?

There are very few reasons why a child should not be immunized. Ordinarily common illnesses like a cold or a diarrhea are not impediments against getting the child vaccinated. But you should inform your doctor if:

  1. The child has a high fever
  2. S/He has had a bad reaction to another immunization
  3. S/He has had a severe reaction after eating eggs
  4. S/Has had a convulsion (fits) in the past. (With the right advice, children who have had fits in the past can be immunized)
  5. S/He has had, or is having, treatment for cancer
  6. S/He has any illness which affects the immune system, for example, HIV or AIDS
  7. S/He is taking any medicine which affects the immune system, for example, immunosuppressant (given after organ transplant or for malignant disease) or high-dose steroids.


What are the side effects?

It is possible for a baby to have some side effects after being vaccinated by the Penavalent vaccine. Although, not everyone may experience it and if some does, the child may go through allergic reactions but the risk is very small.

Signs of serious allergic reactions may be:

  • rashes that may be itchy or blistering
  • swelling of the eyes and face
  • difficulty in breathing or swallowing
  • a sudden drop in blood pressure and loss of consciousness. Such reactions will usually occur before leaving the doctor’s surgery. However, if your child gets any of these symptoms you should contact a doctor urgently. As with other vaccines against pertussis (whooping cough) disease, following side effects may occur very rarely within 2 to 3 days after vaccination:
  • collapse or periods of unconsciousness or lack of awareness
  • seizures or fits with or without fever If your child gets any of these side effects you should contact a doctor urgently.

Some Side effects reported are:

Very common (These may occur in 1 in 10 doses or more of the vaccine)

  • loss of appetite
  • fever greater than or equal to 38°C
  • swelling, pain, redness at the injection site
  • tiredness
  • abnormal crying, irritability, restlessness.

In all countries of the world, they recommend to follow all the vaccinations that are intended to babies and even adults. It is encourage that infants be vaccinated against diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough and poliomyelitis and hepatitis B to protect from getting infected by these diseases.

should you get vaccinated?


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