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Scarey Feelings of Evacuation For Weather

Updated on August 27, 2011

The Storm Brews Over Head

Hurricane Irene

Many of our coastal cities on the Eastern seaboard are preparing for leaving their homes and businesses to evacuate on mandated evacuation. It makes me reflect back this year in Oklahoma, when we were told to get out of the path of the tornadoes. It was not like, take cover and go to your safe place, there was no safe place. I had never in four years of living here, ever been told to out run a storm and get out of it's path. That same storm ripped out a baby boy from his mother's arms and was found three days later, and the mother could never have known she would lose her baby boy that day.  It was sad that they had to find that little boy that way, but the people of the state of Oklahoma never gave up hoping until there was none left.They were in the bath tub here they thought it would safe. The weather men were not wrong in telling us no place was safe except in a storm shelter underground. You can guess we had none to get in ourselves. I am thankful the storm did not come my way. It was on a path headed toward us, and it turned.

I lived in one of the worst storms that hit southern Florida and the keys back about 50 years ago , and it is set in my memory to be there as long as I can remember.  I lived almost 12 miles off the shore line, and still the water came and drenched us. We had storm shutters, and it beat a hole in one of them. My neighbors, who were coming back to Homestead from New York, never planned for a Hurricane. They did not have storm shutters or lock down awnings like we had. They arrived in the middle of the the storm, and in their house was close to two feet of water. We had to take them in, because their house was not safe. Even with the shutters on our house we had to back our car up against our garage door to keep it from blowing in. After the storm, my mother said that it lifted our roof about a few inches and dropped it back down. At least after the storm we had a house. i Also remember being in the eye of the storm as they say.  It was quiet for about 30 minutes, and when you think it is over, then it starts pounding you once more. We survived that hurricane, but later a Hurricane came through and wiped out a lot of that city. My house that I lived in at that time later on was wiped out as much of Homestead was devastated by another major hurricane.

The words evacuate either make you want to get out of the path, or you might get stubborn and try to ride out a storm, but I can say that when they ask you to evacuate , then they are meaning this is bad although I hear some young people say that nothing scares me, the day it faces you down, and you are dealing with the worst possible life threatening condition, then maybe you might take a different attitude.

Candles, flashlights, food, and a portable radios, are the best things you can have. A family member that is prepared for the storm and gets all ready to evacuate to a safer place will be protecting not only their life, but the lives of others in their family. I did go through a Hurricane that came up through Georgia. and we already had saturated ground. The winds were high, and it dropped trees all over the place. Then you must get in an area of your house as far away from trees that you can get. Also do not forget to put up water in a Hurricane, because you can have contaminated water after a storm. I actually had to take typhoid shots after Hurricane Donna, because our drinking water in our community got contaminated by septic systems in the county. So filing bathtubs and putting up pots and pans of fresh water is helpful. After a storm also think of boiling your water for your own protection.. Be also prepared with emergency medical supplies like bandages and keep wounds clean, if you are injured in a storm.

Last of all, my family always seeks out prayer for our protection so that the storm may not hurt our members. It is one way to prepare our minds to deal with the onset of a major storm, whether it is a Tornado or a Hurricane. Many times we have heard the sound of a freight train and the tornado passed over without harming us. Think to check on your neighbors and that is important for the elderly or those that might be disabled, and need help.


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    • ladybluewriter profile image

      ladybluewriter 6 years ago from United States

      I have lived in places they call Tornado Alley. I lived through two hurricanes,and many tornadoes. Right now our worst seems to be a drought that has kept our temps soaring high. I also agree Sean that prayers are needed for all those going throw this on the East Coast cities like North Carolina and all the way to New York and above. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you.

    • Sean Evans profile image

      Sean Evans 6 years ago from GTA

      Nice Hub. Voted up.

      Growing up in Canada I've never personally witness any hurricanes, or tornadoes. They do happen here but it's very rare and when it does it is usually minor. It's scary beautiful stuff to me. However my prayers go out to those in the path of Irene.