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Scariest Illegal Drugs That Seems To Be Out Of A Horror movie

Updated on July 30, 2014


This is not going to be an article about rather Marijuana should be legal or how harmful the popular illegal drugs are. This article is written to inform the public of some of the newer drugs that are being made and sold around the globe which have side effects that are often times tremendous or fatal. I hope by doing so I can stop at least one person from making a terrible mistake.

Video is below
Video is below | Source

Bath Salts

As you remember from the 2012 'Florida Zombie' attack that went viral, the attacker was said to be under the influence of a designer drug called Bath Salts. Since that one case, over 200 reports of people acting violently under the influence of Bath Salts have been recorded.

Bath Salts got its street name due to the people selling the drug disguising it as regular bath salts. The powder resembles that of the salt that is usually in the real product, thus making it easy to sell to users in stores as well as pass them out on the streets or visiting them at houses.

Bath Salts are not a new drug, they have been selling them since the 1960s however they only became aware with the 2012 'Florida Zombie' attack. Since then videos of people on the drug have been exploding throughout the internet, some fake, some real, but a lot of attention has been drawn into this designer drug.

Bath Salts seem to cause hallucinations and behavioral changes that one would see typically in zombie movies. They seem to not be able to feel any pain which can make getting shot or hit by a car not even effect them. Other symptoms include headaches, paranoia, panic attacks, violent behaviors, breakdown of skeleton muscle tissue, kidney failure, liver failure, heart attack, and can even can cause suicidal thoughts.

There has also been confusion between the designer drug and the general bathing bath salts. Over two hundred poison control calls have been called by people taking the bathing bath salts thinking it would cause the same side effects as the designer Bath Salts. The bathing bath salts are not meant to be ingested and can cause a lot of issues of its own and can cause internal problems and can also lead to death.

Luckily the drug seems to be in Florida and the surrounding states. Although there has been singular cases in other states, it seems to be local to Florida. And as more police are tracking Bath Salts users down, there has been a decrease.

The tree
The tree | Source

Scopolamines 'Devil's Breath'

Not talking about the medical Scoplamines which is used to prevent motion sickness and anesthesia. The illegal drug version of Scopolamines or 'The devil's Breath,' is said to be one of the scariest drugs on the planet. This is a Colombian drug that is popular in the countryside. In fact it actually grows in Borrachero tree. When the tree is said to be polluting it is said to cause strange dream and hallucinations.

Unlike the other drugs on this list where a drug abuser willingly take the drug, criminals drug victims with scopolamines. The way they can do this is because when extracted and grind up, it makes it into an odorless and white powder that they slip in drinks or sprinkle it on top of food. The drug is so powerful that the victims become docile and will be easy to talk into helping the criminals rob them, rape them, or even allow themselves to be pimped out as prostitutes.

The symptoms include the inability to think for themselves but are coherent otherwise said to be in a 'zombie-state.' People basically are able to tell them what to do and when to do it. People have emptied bank accounts, give their cars to the criminals, and even help in criminal activities. The drug is also quick, within a minute of being drugged the symptoms immediately start.

The dragon-fly chemical markings
The dragon-fly chemical markings | Source
Damage to hand due to the drug
Damage to hand due to the drug | Source


Designer hallucinogen, the Bromo-dragonfly is a powerful little drug where the high lasts for two to three days. This is a drug where you do not need a lot to get high, in fact overdose can happen very quickly. Although the symptoms, which I will get to, are severe, most of the side-effects happen to first time users including a high possibility of death. Many other drug users are wary of this drug and in fact many are tricked into buying this drug thinking they are buying other drugs because of the similarities of textures and colors.

The reason why the drug has the title that it has is because it's chemical make-up resembles a dragonfly. Overdoses are very common including taking just 1 mg. So when I mean the doses are small I mean they are really small. It can be sold in powder or liquid form and is usually taken oral. Symptoms can take up to six hours to show but like I said before can stay for two to three days.

Symptoms include a being in an alternate state between lucidity and extreme psychedelic intoxication multiple times during the experience. There will also be mood lifts and crashes, hallucinations, decrease in appetite, muscle tension, memory loss. Overdoses can include quickening of the heart, sickness including vomiting, tremors, and can lead to death.

DNP (2,4-Dinitrophenol)

In a country obsessed with the perfect body, weight loss drugs are all the rage. You cannot turn on television and sit through a program without seeing two commercials asking for trial participates for a new drug that promises to suck the weight right out of you. DNP is one of those drugs.

On the bottle, DNP claims to burn fat leading to quick weight loss. What is the scariest thing about this drug is that is it used in manufacturing to make dyes, chemicals, and wood preservatives. It is also used in explosives.

DNP was used in dieting pills between the 1930s and 1940s where researchers discovered that it boasted metabolic rate as well as burn fat from the stomach and thighs. However they soon pulled the weight loss pill after reports of internal damage started to happen.

Illegal now, people still buy DNP on the black market and other places in hopes to lose weight. the reason why it was initially pulled off the selves was because it was found that the drug increases body temperature to dangerous levels to a point where some people cooked to death due to high body temperature.

The main symptoms to be seen is increase of body temperature (excessive sweating, dehydration, flushed skin), cataracts, nausea, vomiting, rapid breathing, irregular heart rate (can pump quicker or slower than normal, and dizziness. Long term symptoms include skin lesions, heart and nervous system damage, and may be a carcinogens and can cause birth defects. Overdoses can include a heat stroke, coma, and death.

In other words, if you want to lose weight just stay away from this drug. In fact stay away from all drugs. Most of the diet drugs not only get rid of fat but they get rid of muscles which is alarming in itself. There is no studies that show which muscles the pills target so please if you want to lose weight just do yourself a favor and stay away from diet pills.

Before We Get To The Last One:

Warning, the next drug is pretty disturbing. I usually love putting videos and pictures in all the research because there is nothing quite like a real life picture to put it in perceptive. However with the next drug I don't feel comfortable showing the pictures or videos. Mostly because it involves flesh falling off.

There are many youtube videos and pictures you can find on the web if you really are interested in seeing what the drug does to the body. Trust me through, because I looked at the pictures and watch the videos, it is really disturbing. It makes it even more frustrating that people would do this to themselves.

I did however found a pretty good fanmade film about the dangers of the drug. it is very mild when it comes to the symptoms but it still gets the point across of how bad the drug is. The drug name is Krokidil.


At last we come to the scariest of drugs, one that symptoms seem so out of the world that it seems like only the wildest horror movie would make it. Krokodil is a Russian street alternative to Heroin. It includes (and I will not list all of the chemicals involved due to the possibility of somebody being stupid and trying it) gasoline, lead, codeine, and a lot more. This trend started in 2000 when the price of heroin in Russia sky rocketed and for some underprivileged cities and towns which are littered with poverty and lack of jobs, drug abusers find themselves having to buy Krokodil.

The drug is one of the most addictive drugs, with highs only lasting a very short time. Although most Krokodil users know that the drug they are injecting is poisonous and hurts upon injection, the high is enough to keep them doing it. Once they start, it becomes a never ending circle of making the drug, injecting it, feeling high, and once the high wears off they go right back to making more. Thus it makes the abusers unable to function in society as well as keep friendships going. Many end up homeless and living in abandoned buildings with other users.

The symptoms are gruesome. The drug got its name due to open sores on the body that looks like crocodile scales. From there more and more skin begins to rot leading to necrotizing fascitis. if left untreated the skin will keep rotting away all the way to the bones. Most of the time, the limb or a large amount of the skin that is effected has to be cut off.The life expediency for those who start is less than two years, and the skin can be noticeably begin to have signs of rot as soon as three or four injections.

Although mostly in Russia, there has been reports in Mexico and suggested reports in United States although with the United States cases there has been no absolute proof that the victims were using the drug. Reports in part of Europe has also been reported but so far the only real known reports are one in Mexico and Russia.

In Russia the drug is considered to be an epidemic with more and more young adults starting to use them. The amount of the drug abuser's stabilized when the Russian government banned over the counter codeine although there is still a huge amount of users.

In Conclusion

The act of more and more drugs being produced by mixing horrible chemicals and common addictive drug is something that is alarming. All drugs are harmful but when you look at pills that are made with lead or antifreeze and other harmful solutions that are dangerous to humans, there is a serious problem. The act of a drug turning a harmless person into somebody who bites another person or can be in highs for days to the point where they may end up in the random of places when they finally crash, and drugs that criminals used to control others is the new reality.

Please just say no to drugs but if anybody offers you or your loved one one of the drugs on this list remember what can be the outcome.


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