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Scars: The Stories They Tell

Updated on January 18, 2009

The Lessons We Learn

Yes, there are physical and emotional scars. I am topically writing about physical scars. I know that even some physical scars carry the burden of emotinal scarring, but I am not trying to touch upon those either. If looking at or thinking about your scars do bring up heavy emotional feelings, or trama...You have my deepest sympathy, and most sincere apologies from me touching upon this sensitive, deeply personal issue.

Scars are moments in time. Captured reminders; stories that whether we hide them, cover them up, or wear them like badges of honor...All scars tell a story. Many people of my generation, I've noticed, have a scar under their chins from playground incidents. My scar on my chin was from a car accident where I hit the windshield (seat belts were optional back then.) I recieved six stitches inside and outside just below my lower lip.

To date I have over 54 scars on my body, and each time I look at any one of them I remember where, and how I acquired them. Many are old and faded and barely noticeable to most folks, but I see them. I know where they are. They all show much more obvious if I am outside a lot, they don't tan. So they become more accentuated. No scars are mine, and they tell a story about me. Of who I was, and who I am today...They are reminders of experiences that have molded me, shaped and created.

I know which one is my first scar. I remember which one was the first time I got stitches. I remember the feeling of having stitches removed. I know which ones I tried to hide from my parents, because I was being an "adventurous" child, or just trying to do something on a dare.

My scars are proof that I have endured, and survived. They are lessons learned by trial and error. Some are my diploma "from the school of hard knocks." There are even a few of them that bring back a memory or two that still make me smile when I think back into that time. I wouldn't trade any of them or the memories that come along with my scars.

"Stitches" by Orgy


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  • G-Ma Johnson profile image

    Merle Ann Johnson 8 years ago from NW in the land of the Free

    my scares remind me of who I am...of why I am..of what difference does it really make? except to me...I have scars that no one will ever realize... I have my heart that has been broken into a million pieces...which one by one I am repairing and no one will ever see...but God does... and I know..and no one else really needs to know...I will heal and I am going never fear...bodily scars are maybe 5...mind scars are un-counted...but I am fine and I think you are too...Have the faith...G-Ma :o) hugs & peace

  • Cris A profile image

    Cris A 8 years ago from Manila, Philippines

    Great analogy. I'm a scar keeper too - got a few in my collection. And you are right, they are visual reminders of anything from bad to good memories. Thanks for sharing this :D

  • hot dorkage profile image

    hot dorkage 9 years ago from Oregon, USA

    I remember my first scar on the chin from jumping on the bed age 2 after being told not to. I have three chin scars, mostly in the same place but just slightly intersecting. Then there are all the zit scars of course. And the one on my shin where my brother chased me into a ragged culvert. And the one on my ankle where I borrowed my brother's bike and he sprinted up behind me, grabbed the handlebars and me and the bike skidded into a drainage ditch. Oh yeah, and the big one on my shoulder from a bike wreck. and the crescent shaped one on my face from another bike wreck. and piece of lead embedded in my bicep from where Bill Hedrick poked me with a pencil in 7th grade. And the one where I sliced the tip of my finger off. And a couple from DIY surgery where I removed warts with a razorblade dipped in alcohol. And the weird one on my foot from when I broke it and the bone poked through. But I brag that 4 childbirths not withstanding NO scars from doctors ever cutting me!!!

  • anjalichugh profile image

    anjalichugh 9 years ago from New York

    Right! We all keep memories, good or bad, close to our heart. Perhaps... one of those things which no one can take away from us.