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SM Confessions Hilarious & Honest

Updated on October 16, 2015

SM Confessional not just for imperfect parents ... for imperfect people.

I. SM < Confessional

What is it?

Scarymommy a website created for parents who can be candidly honest about their parenting experience, while mutually supporting other parents who dare to admit they are not perfect, but are doing the best they can.

Don’t let the title deceive you...

You do not need to be an actual parent to enjoy this gemstone. In fact it is equally if not more enjoyable when you are not!


From the SM landing page click directly on the section titled confessional



Here lays pages upon pages of thousands of personal confessions and hours of random, relatable, hilarious, sad, deceitful, enchanting, morbid, mean, corrupt, twisted, kind, dumb, intelligent, but most of all honest confessions that have a magical way of making the reader feel normal, intrigued and sometimes even appreciative of their own troubles. Confessions offer perspective and peace of mind, helping to assure even the most weak in spirit that nobody in this world is perfect or really has it all together, in reality we are all just trying to get through life the best we can while wearing blindfolds.


No Holds Barred

Use your words with reckless abandon, say what you will, divulge what you want, be hateful, be moody, be resentful, be pissed, be disappointed, say you hate your job, despise your in-laws, want to string a co worker like a piñata and be an enthusiastic participant with a stick by your side… your are allowed to share it because there are no judgments here (hell- there isn’t even a comment section)!



Since, confessions are without a comment box, confessors will receive nothing but support. All hail scary mommy Confessions! A blog without those oh so gallant listless trolls to rip apart your words! Mangnifique!

I like what I am hearing! Go on…

Positive Response

Under each confession sits three buttons in response to the numbered confession.

I. Like II. Hug III. Me Too! If compelled readers can click on one of three buttons and show support and if so inclined (conversely) the writer of the confession may wish to revisit their confession at a later time or date and view the amount of support their confession has garnered. You may be surprised by how many people feel the same way you do!

Anonymity & Easy Access

There is no sign-in required because it is a public blog, and that being said you won’t get emails… at all!

SM asks nothing of you; you can literally just peruse confession after confession and never contribute.

And for those of you who do choose to make a confession you are nothing more than the number of confessions that have ever been made, example: ( #82739) denotes it is the eighty two thousandth seven hundred and thirty ninth confession made (unremarkably coming in just after #82738).


Reading SM confessions is the closest thing to telepathy you will likely ever have.

Let’s be honest here... in a world where so many people’s lives revolve around their contrived social media and image, Sm Confessions is like finding the Holy Grail for people searching for sincerity.

You don’t have to be Professor Xavier anymore to access peoples inner most raw unedited thoughts in a society where everything is filtered, sm confessions is an open club that anyone can join.

We are all human, we all make mistakes, shit happens both literally and figuratively and it's about time we get some catharsis while being entertained.

"Long Live SM Confessions!" -(says the childless writer)

Now let the inappropriateness begin!

Does reading SM Confessions Make you feel better about your life?

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