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Minnesota Scents and Aromas and the Use of Essential Oils

Updated on December 28, 2015



Some Scents Just Make People Happy

When you walk into a house and they have been preparing foods for the holidays, the aroma of the variety of prepared foods assails your nostrils and lulls you into a state of well being. A deep breath in draws the smells into your nose and the good feeling that washes over your body is because at that moment you are relaxing and you associate the smells with pleasantries.

If you look at the scents of candles in the store, there are some scents that are favorites. Apple Pie, Vanilla, Peach, Caramel, Coffee are some of the food related scents. Then, you look at the environmental scents: there's the pine tree, ocean breeze, rain - all calming scents.

There are some jarring scents that take some getting used to. I don't personally like Plumeria, but love Lilac. Some people love the smell of Patchouli and others do not. One year I found some scented spray for my husband and bought him some. Then, for some reason, I was spraying some Lysol Disinfectant Spray and discovered that the cologne that I had purchased for my husband had the same scent. I was somewhat embarrassed and wanted to take the perfume back. He wanted to keep it.

Happy Times

My brother said that the smell of a cooked hot dog over the campfire reminds him of happy times spent along the shores of Lake Superior when he was a child. He's in his early sixties, so these memories stick with a person.

I Have My Favorites

Everyone has perfumes that they like. The body chemistry that you personally possess determines what perfumes will smell good on you.

I personally do not care for Vanilla Musks on myself, but love them on others. I love some of the spicy scents and gentle scents that my friends wear. Heavenly by Victoria's Secret, Fancy Love by

How About You

Do you surround yourself and your family with scents?

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Lately - I Use Scents and Oils for Different Reasons

Essential Oils have become the rage. I use a combination of Peppermint and Cinnamon Oils for my teeth and gums.

It all started years ago when my gums were starting to recede and I was reading about how to make them heal naturally. This led me to a page online called OraMD. These people were selling mixed essential oils that you used to repair damage to your gums. They seemed to work but were expensive. So, I started going to GNC and mixing my own flavors.

Now. My sister sells some products that use Essential oils. There are some throat drops that really make your throat feel wonderful when it is sore. They are called Thieves. For the Holidays, she gave everyone a vaporizer that uses Essential oil dropped into its reservoir. It seems to help with breathing in a dry house.


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    • poetryman6969 profile image


      3 years ago

      I like sandalwood and cinnamon.


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