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Schizophrenia Helpers

Updated on September 21, 2017
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Sheila is a kids' author who worked with challenged clients. She loves to share her experience in the mental health field with you!

Schizophrenic Thoughts are Unrealistic

There is a lot you can do to help your schizophrenia! With schizophrenia, you may have become apathetic, unbearable and unreasonable. Your thoughts could be jumbled in knots! Perhaps, you’ve forgotten what day it is; or worst yet, you may believe you’re some type of grandiose person. Don’t despair, you will never become a superhero, but you can drive yourself to realize your thoughts are unrealistic?

Since everyone has limited time and is so impressionable; you too can condition your ailing delusional mind to enjoy realistic thoughts with an assiduous effort on your part. One efficient mean to do this is to force yourself to lavishly read self-help, good humor and health books to impress your mind. Take up an unwinding leisure pursuit like artistic painting or coloring to express yourself or casual writing.

A schizophrenic who spends his time unwinding by reading self-help books, or colors helps his mind to heal!
A schizophrenic who spends his time unwinding by reading self-help books, or colors helps his mind to heal! | Source

You Can Re-Program Your Schizophrenic Mind

Re-programming your schizophrenic mind to think differently goes a long way to help reduce delusional thoughts, and changes the unrealistic behavior associated with this ailment. Next, it’s important too, to take better care of yourself, health wise in terms of eating right and avoiding dead food. Possibly, you’ll become the one fortunate schizophrenic who’s cured of a dreadful tormenting sick mentality. Your entire family and entourage will benefit from your new found health!

You must help your schizophrenic treatment, though; even if it is a long drawn-out process that requires much patience, and lasts a lifetime. There are a series of stages a person experiences before being labeled with this dreadful ailment of the mind.

If you begin a regimen of psychiatric treatment at the onset of your schizophrenia when you first notice quirky symptoms of odd behavior, your mental healing will go smoother. You'll have the highest chance of being cured of your torment altogether.

Schizophrenia Is Treatable and Not Curable

Though psychiatric drugs do not act by correcting what’s physically wrong with the brain, they do help schizophrenics live a fuller tone of life and reduce the paranoia, and disorientation associated with schizophrenia. Over time, you'll have the opportunity to discover what caused your schizophrenia through a battery of tests performed by a qualified holistic doctor.

Natural healing of schizophrenia is exhaustively time-consuming and extremely expensive since typical health insurance plans do not cover these mental cures. However, it is well worth the effort to do what you must to remove the accumulated heavy metals in your brain and blood. These are toxic substances that made your brain cells go haywire and caused your dreadful schizophrenic malady.

Your Mercury Amalgam Fillings May Be the Culprit

Perhaps the toxicity of your dental work (Mercury Amalgam) or allergies was the main culprit that caused you to become disturbed. Every person's schizophrenia is utterly unique and requires specialized treatment from Conventional and Holistic therapies. There was never one solution to cure schizophrenia, only help offered to improve one's quality of life by reducing symptoms. Stress does aggravate this brain disorder that is generally induced by an excessive measure of serotonin.

You Must Remain in Treatment

You must go beyond the blue haze and remain in psychiatric therapy. Furthermore, you should do the things your psychiatrist recommends to aid or cure your schizophrenia. This is aside from taking care of you, like eating right, not smoking or drinking alcohol, nor consuming sugar and caffeinated drinks like coffee. You must shun brain catalysts called excitotoxins, such as sodium carbonate.

Another remedy is to drink heaps of water to flush the toxins in your brain and other body parts. Make sure you eat quality protein with vegetables and reduce your starch intake as well. The Paleo Diet helps immensely since it advocates abstinence from gluten-rich foods.

Gluten is a major culprit that has been shown to inflame the brain and this is bad for schizophrenia. Reduce major forms of sugar consumption, including fructose, and sugary drinks. Drink store-bought vegetable juices instead or juice your own every day.

Organic Whole Food Supplements Greatly Help Ill Brains

Schizophrenic brains are devoid of nutrients and it most likely suffers accumulated inflammation! You must find an eloquent way to replace the nutrients your body uses and flushes toxins out of your system when you urinate. If you don't supply your brain with the nutrients it needs, such as fish oil and organic whole foods, your schizophrenia will get worse. Perhaps, need more medications to control positive symptoms.

If juicing fruits and vegetables is not feasible or too costly and time-consuming, you should supplement your diet with whole food organic supplements. For sure, you don’t want to add fillers and toxic vitamins into your already nervous schizophrenic condition. This is why organic NON-GMO, Gluten Free Whole Food Supplements fill the gaps you're missing in your diet.

  • You should always ask your doctor for a natural remedy before taking psychiatric medications.

Effective Medications for the Treatment of Schizophrenia

The most effective conventional treatment for alleviating schizophrenia are neuroleptic drugs Zyprexa followed by Resperidol and Haldol. These medications help to stabilize acute schizophrenic symptoms and the dramatic causes of grave schizoid behavior. They will help to force your schizophrenia to go into remission.

It will also permit you to function normally, so you can live your life joyfully! Hopefully, someday you’ll have the capability to do some meaningful work; work that eventually will raise your self-esteem.

Myths and Facts of Schizophrenia

© 2012 Sheila Craan


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  • Craan profile image

    Sheila Craan 5 years ago from Florida

    Hello Lil Angel Wings! My cousin had this illness, and I watch him die from the complications of his conventional therapy. I was the Wellness Coordinator for a cluster of mentally challenged individuals with Schizophrenia and worked closely with several Holistic Psychiatrists for years. I had to do extensive research in the field. I saw many schizophrenic individuals eventually live productive lives with a pleasant attitude. This synopsis is what I've witnessed that helps schizophrenia. There is more I know! If you have further questions, I'd be happy to refer you to doctors in New York who can help you.

  • profile image

    LIL-ANGEL-WINGS 5 years ago

    if I may ask, where did you get your information? are you a trained professional in the mental health field? Or do you or someone you love have this illness?