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Schizophrenia Initiation Rites as a Spiritual Intuitive

Updated on April 27, 2016

The Metaphysics of Schizophrenia/Spiritual Intuitives

I have learned that spiritual intuitives go through initiations before the spirit world becomes a place that they can cope with and manage. It starts out with oppressive voices of spirits and initiations that psychiatrists call delusions. These initiations are meant as tests to see if you are worthy of being accepted as a spiritual intuitive - a communicator between spirit and material. These are not easy initiations, and many people end up going to jail or the state psychiatric hospital because if it. It can include sexual behavior that is considered to be a crime, but is never really anything that is univrsally morally wrong. We need to realize that there are people who are engaged to teh spirit world and they are ourted by it and who is anyone to stunt their growth by outlawing their behaviors.


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    • Shawn M Williams profile image

      Shawn M Williams 24 months ago

      As spiritual intuitives, we don't need any help or guidance from other people. We are able to know and do what needs to be done naturally. The government should cooperate.