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School Fire Safety Measures- Keep your Kids Safe in School all the Time

Updated on July 12, 2010

Preventing fire tragedies and disasters from happening in schools, is the most important issue that a school must address secondary to its academic mission. These preventive measures can be the first line of defense that the school can afford its students. It is the great responsibility of the school to put all these necessary school fire safety measures in place to mitigate or if not totally prevent fire disasters and tragedies to happen as in the past.

There are general guidelines that a school can refer to in setting up school fire safety measures for their school although, other kinds of school fire safety measures can be added here depending upon the kind of fire safety needs for such school.

• A fire safety risk assessment for the school building is accomplished and is always ready at hand for periodic assessment by the authorities.

• The results of the assessment must be discussed with all the personnel and staff of the building.

• Fire drills and evacuation plans must be practiced regularly; (once a month is an ideal interval).

• Fire alarms and smoke detectors must be present at all levels of the premises.

• Fire devices such as, fire extinguishers, sprinklers, fire hoses must be always in good working condition. Regular maintenance for these devices is a must.

• Fire exits, egresses must always be free from any obstruction that can hinder fast flow of evacuation in case of fire break out. Exit signs must always be posted properly.

• Responsible personnel must have adequate training in handling fire devices such as fire extinguishers, fire hoses to apply initial remedy in case of starting fire break outs.

• Fire safety signs especially /exitsigns.html>Exit Signs must be conspicuously located at all levels of the premises especially those pointing to fire exits; in cases of complex buildings, site maps leading to exits must be posted on the walls or appropriate sites.

• Elevators must not be used during fire break outs as these may get stuck in between floors if power supply is cut during fires.

The evacuation plan must indicate the following:

• The escape route leading to nearest exit signs.

• Assembly point.

• Manner of escaping (no running; avoid panicking)

• Single file system must be observed when descending the stairs; no overtaking is allowed to avoid panic; look for the nearest exit signs.

• Always make exit signs readable even at considerable distances; if possible use luminous materials for this purpose.

A school must always be a fire safety place for our children, school fire safety measures, fire devices, fire drills, fire exits, fire escapes fire alarms are just components of a good school fire safety measures. School fire tragedies and disasters can be prevented if proper fire safety measures are in place and religiously implemented, school authorities are well informed, right school personnel are suitably designated to implement such measures, all  government fire safety policies are followed and of course proper training and cooperation by students and faculties.

Reminder to all occupants of a school building, in case of fire, do not panic, remember your fire drills, and always look for the nearest exit signs.


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