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Sea Salt Detox

Updated on April 15, 2011

What you need to do prior to any cleanse.

If you have had any problems with constipation, you need to clean your bowls with a safe herbal laxative for 1-2 days before this cleanse.

During this cleanse please avoid alcohol, fried foods, or spicy foods. The purpose is to take your digestive system back to its child-hood state. Think of what food is best for a small child and you will find is easy to know what to eat.

Natural source salt is the best type for cleaning, compared to iodized salt. Sea salt, evaporated, and ground based salt are all fine choices.

After the first few glasses of salt water these exercises can be use to help ease the full stomach effect, so that you can finish the full 2 quarts recommended.

  1. Rub your stomach
  2. Stretch your lower back and abdomen.
  3. Bend your knees and squat.
  4. Do yoga or standing stretches, both get the intestines stimulated.

Sea Salt (HOW TO GUIDE) simplified

Sea Salt Flush recipe
Drink first thing in the morning
2 Quarts (2 Liters) Water
Warn to tea temperature
1 Tablespoon Natural Salt
Juice from a Lime/Lemon
to help improve the taste
16oz (1/2 Liter) Serving Cup
or easy cup for drinking
Alarm Clock
set to 7am
Toilet Paper
you will be sorry if you don't have some
Sea Salt (HOW TO GUIDE) simplified

Is the Sea Salt diet good for you?

The short answer is yes.

It is good to do some sort of detox 1-4 times a year and sea salt water is the most gentle, natural and cheapest form of detoxing for health. Sea Salt works to flush toxins from your intestinal tract while and also supplies you with essential minerals. A Sea salt diet is a great alternative to the many over-the-counter cleansing programs that are $30 or more, and works similar to a gentle laxative to flush the entire digestive tract clean, but it is very important to have sea-salt from a natural source (unprocessed).

Saltwater cleansing practice purifies the system and draws all the bad stuff out of organs in your the body. Salt water cleanse can be used to treat a cold, fever, and high blood pressure.

Before starting a new diet, fasting, or taking a herb/vitamin, you need to eliminate the toxic build up in your body. Getting rid of this stuff, makes the good food you eat able to have a more positive effect on you. Do you really know if a program is working if you just put good things in your body that are not absorbed properly?

What to expect from your Sea Salt Cleansing

You will plan on making trips to the bath room most of the morning. The first few days may take most of the morning to flush your system, but by day 3, your bowels may be completely cleaned out with few hours after drinking the salt water mix. One of the first things you will notice is having lots of energy and a healthy appetite after the first 2 days.

As with many cleansing programs, the positive effects will be different for each person. It may take an hour to drink the total saltwater at first, but after some practice, you should be able to drink 2 Quarts in about 30 minutes. It is perfectly natural if you feel a little nauseous after the first glass.  Try the steps above and take your time and those feelings will pass.  If you keep trying, you'll be glad you did.

This detox method should only be done daily for a maximum of 7 days. You may continue, but drink the salt water mix every second, third or forth day if done for 4 weeks (add one more day in between drinks for every week you are on this type of cleanse). You can drink (sea)salt water once a one week for the rest of your life, if you desired..

If you have never done any kind of cleansing before plan for a little headache. Take it easy on the first 2 days, and the pay-offs is improvements in mood, energy, and emotions for the rest of your life.


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