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Sealfit for Wounded Warriors- An Inspirational Event, an Unbeatable Mind

Updated on December 31, 2014

Strength and Inspiration


Inspiration I was not expecting

In this day and age it is rather difficult for most of us to find something that inspires us or gives us a new more positive outlook on the world. When I agreed to participate in documenting an event that was brought to life by Transition Possible April 20, 2013, I initially looked at the opportunity as just another gig and another source of income-and nothing more. My initial presumptions could not have been more wrong.

The April 20th event, was one that has touched my life, my heart and my soul in such a way that I am finding it hard to form words around the feelings. The inspiration, the motivation and the new outlook on life and what the human life and body can endure, is something that I never thought I would find, especially not during another photography gig.

An event that Inspired

An unbeatable mind is paired with an unbeatable spirit.
An unbeatable mind is paired with an unbeatable spirit. | Source
No Excuses
No Excuses | Source

Meeting an Adaptive Athlete

I knew this job would be different when I first met a Mr. Corey Reed. Corey Reed is a 30 year old athlete. He is talented, well articulate, kind, determined and what some individuals might consider as disabled. At the young age of 23, Corey was involved in a near fatal car accident that took his right leg as well as his eye site; a devastating situation that many would view to be a lifelong sentence of struggle and grief for what had been lost.

Rather than allow his disabilities to get the best of him, Corey found strength in learning to do the things he loved to do before his accident, without his site and without two legs. Since his accident, Corey has started his own mission of spreading the word to inspire hope in others with Ride With Core. Corey has been training to compete in paralytic snowboarding as well as adaptive wake-boarding. Corey utilizes Crossfit as a key ingredient to his training regimen, and through Crossfit and each of our participation in the Sealfit Event, is how I came to know of Corey and all his great accomplishments.

Corey participated in the April 20, 2013 Crossfit/Sealfit Challenge as one of the 15 adaptive athlete who have set out, to help raise both awareness and money for wounded warriors; the men and women that fight for our freedom, who end up paying a price that sends them each home incomplete.

The events that took place on April 20, 2013 are examples that humanity and love are still present and strong in the world. Each adaptive athlete who participated in the challenge did not do so for money, for attention, or for selfish recognition to better their lives and/or situations. Their involvement was souly based on the idea that perhaps they could inspire and give hope to a few wounded warriors in their time of need.

True Strength has nothing to do with your physical ability

The only thing that limits you is your mind
The only thing that limits you is your mind | Source

It was the effort of many

Strength-Hope-Guidance | Source

For the Warriors- Because your freedom IS NOT FREE

Corey Reed and 14 other adaptive athletes, along with 15 CEO's from the area (each CEO gave $10k to participate in the Sealfit Challenge), were instructed and pushed to new limits by retired Navy Seals who have created Sealfit, a mind and body endurance workout, designed to strengthen ones mind to believe that they are capable of accomplishing and overcoming any obstacle life throws their way.

Each adaptive athlete was paired with a CEO, whom they would work side by side with, during a strenuos physical exercise competition. Watching each of these men and women push themselves, watching each of them endure pain, shed blood, sweat and tears, never giving up but continuing to push forward through the 12 hour day of exhausting exercises and grueling mind and endurance tests, was nothing short of inspirational.

Someone later asked me if I felt sorry for the adaptive athletes while watching the Sealfit team push them to their limits. My response is, No. I did not feel sorry for them, fore they had a greater grasp on who they are and what they are capable of accomplishing than most other people. In fact, if I was to feel sorry for people, it would be the people who do not recognize their own strength and own power to truly inspire the rest of the world.

The tears I shed during the Sealfit Challenge were not tears of pity, they were tears of recognition and insight that shined a light onto my own life, and how I view the world and what I am capable of accomplishing with the time I spend here on earth. People who truly see themselves, who refuse to limit themselves, who do not lay down and play dead when life gets hard and hope appears to be lost; are the people who hold the power to change the world, make lives better and motivate change in their surroundings.

On April 20, 2013, Sammis & Ochoa, Kirk Marketing Solutions, Sealfit, and Transition Possible came together to motivate change, and inspire others to see past themselves. They reminded us that our Freedom is not FREE, it is something that is constantly being fought for by the many warriors that leave their families and their homes to fight for what many have come to take advantage of as being our 'rights' as Americans.

God Bless each wounded warrior for what they have sacrificed to maintain our freedoms.

Sealfit Challenge- Powered By Transition Possible April 20, 2013 Video Created By Michael Maina for RWC

More than just another paycheck

My job was merely to photograph the event that took place on April 20th and show the determination of the human mind, soul and heart. Little did I realize that in the process of photographing the experience of these individuals, I myself would obtain strength, inspiration and determination to be applied to my life; not only to grow myself, but to also take this experience and what I have witnessed and spread inspiration onto others who may need to be reminded that anything is possible.


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