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Searching a Great Mouthpiece for Snoring

Updated on January 1, 2018

Mouthpieces are one of the most popular ways to fight snoring. They’re easy to use, and they work with the shape of your mouth to fight snoring at its root. If you suffer from snoring, the first thing you’ll want to do is analyze the cause of your snoring. You can read our article on what causes snoring to figure out what’s most likely causing you to snore.

If no other external factors apply to you, it’s likely that the anatomy of your mouth (your tongue and soft palate) is causing you to snore. If this is the case, a mouthpiece may be the best anti-snoring solution for you. Before going out and buying a mouthpiece for snoring, however, you’ll want to understand how the mouthpieces work and get informed about which products are the most effective.

How Do Snoring Mouthpieces Work?

Anti-snoring mouthpieces work by adjusting the shape of your mouth so that your airway doesn’t become obstructed. Obstructions from your tongue, soft palate, or poorly aligned jaw can restrict the air you breathe and cause the loud vibrations of snoring. Mouthpieces do a few different things to prevent this problem. Most mouthpieces, which look like mouth guards, realign your jaw slightly. They bring your lower jaw forward and keep it stable. This will stop your jaw from receding as you sleep and keep your airway open.

Most snoring mouthpieces also include a tongue depressor to gently hold your tongue forward. This will keep it from it from relaxing backwards towards the back of your mouth and obstructing the flow of air. These effects fight two of the most common causes of snoring and keep air flowing as smoothly as possible through your airways.

Types of Snoring Mouthpieces

The most common kind of anti-snoring mouthpiece is called a mandibular repositioning splint. These are the mouthpieces that reposition the jaw and depress the tongue. There is another kind of mouthpiece for snoring called a vestibular shield. The shield blocks air from coming in through the mouth, forcing you to breathe through your nose. For some people, breathing through the mouth either causes snoring or makes it much worse. Breathing through the nose instead can make snoring much lighter or stop it altogether.

Side Effects of Mouthpieces to Stop Snoring

The main complaint that people have about using anti-snoring mouthpieces is that they’re uncomfortable. Usually, however, they become comfortable once your mouth gets used to them. They can also cause you to produce extra saliva while sleeping. However, this side effect should also decrease as you become accustomed to sleeping with the mouthpiece. Snoring mouthpieces do also apply gentle pressure on the jaw and teeth. This usually does not cause any problems, but for this reason, doctors recommend that you have a mouthpiece professionally fitted to your mouth.

Getting a Fitted Snoring Mouthpiece from Your Doctor or Dentist

Although you’ll find plenty of anti-snoring devices on the market, the FDA has technically banned all anti-snoring mouthpieces that are not prescribed and fitted by a dentist or a doctor. Getting a mouthpiece from your physician or dentist ensures that it has been approved by the FDA and that it is well-fitted to your mouth. This will reduce any discomfort you may have and make the mouthpiece the most effective. When you speak to your doctor about snoring, he or she can also determine if you may have any underlying medical conditions, such as sleep apnea.

Which Mouthpiece for Snoring has the Best Reviews?

Of course, many people choose to buy anti-snoring mouthpieces online or in a store. If you look for anti-snoring mouthpieces, you’ll find hundreds of different products to choose from. With little way of knowing which ones are high-quality and which ones are likely to be ineffective, chosing can be disatrous. Luckily, there are a number of snoring mouthpieces that consistently get good customer reviews. These mouthpieces are made from safe, high-quality materials and have been proven effective at stopping or reducing snoring.

A. Good Morning Snore Solution

This mouthpiece works a bit differently than most others. Instead of pushing the jaw forward, it uses a gentle suction effect to pull the tongue forward and clear the airway.
It has received many positive reviews. Insight Today, a product comparison site, wrote,

“It is the most comfortable mouthpiece to use continuously and ALL night.” Insight Today

According to most customer reviews on the web, it fits comfortably. If you buy it on the Good Morning Snore Solution website, it will cost you $99.94. GMSS is a “one size fits all” according to top snoring mouthpieces.

My father also uses this one. He’s happy about it, he only wears it when he has been drinking a couple of beers, because he seems to only snore then. He doesn’t have all his real teeth anymore and he’s able to position it fairly effectively even then.

B. Vital Sleep Stop Snoring Mouthpiece

Vital sleep is another mouthpiece that consistently shows up on lists of the best anti-snoring mouthpieces. It’s a standard mandibular advancement device that brings the jaw forward. One of its main benefits is that it’s designed to create a custom fit. When you order, you can choose between a small and large model. It then uses a “boil and bite” technique to custom-fit the mouthpiece to your teeth. You can also adjust the lower jaw positioning to make it comfortable for you.

One of the downsides of this kind of design is that bacteria and debris can get stuck within all the crevices of the mold. You’ll need to clean it regularly. Vital Sleep has received a number of positive customer reviews. One reviewer from California wrote, “This is the best device I have ever used! I have tried everything and not only is it comfortable, but I don’t even want to sleep without it when I am alone.” The price is also more reasonable than many other mouthpieces, at $59.95.

These are just two anti-snoring mouthpieces that have received positive reviews. There are many mouthpieces out there, and depending on what you’re looking for, you can find plenty of options that are likely to work for you. Take your time to read customer reviews, and if you’re in doubt, ask your doctor or dentist for advice.


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