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Second Best is The Best

Updated on March 20, 2015

What Is Your Role?

Your role is not as defined as you may think. We all have many different roles to play. This can be overwhelming as well as exciting depending on your personality. Me? I find it exhilarating! I find strength in being able to adapt to an ever changing world around me. I have learned to hone my abilities to the right situation. Intense situations can be made a little less stressful by adjusting your actions or reactions.

As A Health Care Provider

I pride myself on being able to take care of others and help them get in a better place physically as well as emotionally. I believe that health and wellness is a combination of physical well being with a good balance of emotional well being. I see myself as not only the one who can give someone some medicine and get rid of their headache but the one who can listen to them and help them rid a little stress from their life even if only for an hour. The role of a health care provider is to be the one that will step up to the plate for your patient at all times regardless of what is going on in your personal life. It is very difficult at times but it will heal your soul of any hurt that you may be feeling yourself.

Patients have a way of warming your heart and making your day a little brighter, your laugh a little lighter and your smile a little brighter. They come to you with an issue and when you can change that and they appreciate you for your effort, you feel it. Your heart gets warmer and feel love. You feel the genuine appreciative nature of your patients.

Not all patients are happy or appreciative, of course. But you get that one patient that simply smiles and lets you know that you make a difference and the tough patients go away. All the hurt goes to the wayside. You feel that everything is right at that moment.

As A Health Care Instructor

I care about all of my students. They are embarking a new career path that I am very passionate about. I will always find myself working in health care in some aspect. On the same note, I will also continue my teaching career as long as I find it my second passion behind my patients.

Teaching gives me the opportunity to continue learning everyday. It makes me challenge myself in my prospective field and keeps me forever humble. I am always telling my students that I do not look for perfection in my students but I do look for 100% effort in everything you do. I will always give 100% to my students and I expect the same from them.

They need to understand that in giving 100% of yourself in your job or education, there is no mathematical equation that will allow you to give anything else at that moment to anything or anyone else. This is why you are in second place. You are no longer your own priority. You come second from this point on. You need to be okay with that to continue on this endeavor.

Being able to see my students grow professionally into a career that I am so very passionate about is the best career in the world at this point. They start their program nervous, excited, not knowing what to expect, maybe even a little scared. Then you see them slowly 'get it'. They have that moment of realization and things start falling together. They ask you more questions, for you advice, they see things the way that you see them. They even start to act like you.

Then, as an instructor, you have a moment of realization. You start to ask yourself more questions, take your own advice, and see things the way that your predecessors see them. You start to challenge yourself more. You want to find out what your limitations are, what are you capable of. That feeling is internal euphoria.


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