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Second Side of Serbia - Worst Health System in Ranking

Updated on June 10, 2012
Serbia has a good planed Health System - but it has been totally wrong used in past, especially during period from 1989-2000.
Serbia has a good planed Health System - but it has been totally wrong used in past, especially during period from 1989-2000. | Source

Republic Fond for Health Insurance - Unsatisfied and claim decision is unfair

Neither the director of Republic Fond for Health Insurance (RZZO), doctor Aleksandar Vuksanovic, can't agree in total with fact and rating that Serbia, because by many medical services that are on disposal, we are in front of many richer countries - he claims.

- "Taking into consideration our economic power, I think that patients have very good health care. With this, small, amount of money - we are functioning more than just good. Big amount of people from outside of Serbia, often come in Serbia because of some medical service. " - says Dr. Vuksanovic (source: Blic)

" Paying out un-contracted personnel - lead us here!"

Just few days ago, EHCI - the European institution that evaluates the quality of Health Care in European countries - listed Serbia as the worst country to be treated in.

From 34 European countries, and from same number of spots available to "earn" - Serbia got placed on infamous 34th place.

Leaders in health care system, in Serbia, said that the problem is in small investments made in past couple of years in health care. The worst situation is in section of mental health care - they claim.

The EHCI represented to the European Parliament these results, measuring them (getting results from) from 42 factors! Serbia gained just 451 points from maximal 1000. Holland, that's first on the list, has 872 points.

Ministry of Health in Serbia, Zoran Stankovic - said that he is not satisfied with Serbia, and its health system being reputed on infamous last place.

- " Results that are presented in report of EHCI are partially known and clear to our public, and maintaining the material situation in where the health system of Serbia is. Many times, I've been pointing out on debts, on basis of unpaid fees for health insurance, which are now on the level of about 840 million euros. The Health Care Institutions are also the ones that have the huge debt - measuring it in 300 million euros. We pay out the wages of some 13.600 medical personnel, that aren't even contracted, with founds of Republic Health Fond. All this, lead to placing us on the bottom of list, the last position in Europe " - Minister of Health, Dr. Stankovic said for national newspapers.

Map of Serbia
Map of Serbia

Useful Links for Travelers !!!

If You want to travel to Serbia, it's better to know Your rights as foreigner, and what can You use from medical services in Serbia :

Don't forget, that in if You want to call someone from Serbia, with same SIM card in Your phone, tap first +381 and then number without 0 . Then, Serbia emergency numbers :

92 - Police

93 - Fire department

94 - Ambulance

95 - Current time

988 - Telecom, informations about phone numbers

987 - Help with Your auto, or stats on the roads.

EHCI uknown to ex-Minister of Health : "Serbian health system is on 46th place, for years, from 139 possible countries"

What has EHCI rated, represents important, key, elements for patients, and those are the rights of patients and informations, time of waiting for a treatment/therapy, the outcome of treatment/therapy, the spectrum of services given, and pharmaceutical founds.

The most negatively criticized issues are : the waiting time for surgery intervention, and the lack of better approach to the new medications. The only good thing, thing that has been rated as good - is the basic medical services, such as vaccination of babies.
By their thinking, rights of patients are rising lately in Serbia, but in general the results of treatment, as well as approach to patients - has to improve drastically.

Ex-Minister of Health, prof.Dr. Tomica Milosavljevic sais that he doesn't know the institution that has rated Serbian Health System, and every other European one, and as he claims - he doesn't know the methodology that has been used to rate our country.

- "This rating doesn't fit to our facts about health system in Serbia. I don't believe that our health system is worse than Albanian one. But, I know second institution that does the rating of system and health sub-system ,in European countries, every year. That is the Economic Concil in Davos, and by its rating Serbian health system is on 46th place, for years, from 139 possible countries." , explains dr.Milosavljevic.


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