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Smoking Kills People and the Environment

Updated on August 8, 2019
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Recently smoking has been linked to many chronic conditions such as: Stroke COPD Heart disease

Second Hand Smoking

I Secondhand smoke is the combination of smoke from the burning end of the cigarette and the smoke that is exhaled out of the mouth (CDC, 2017). This place a serious environmental issue with the communities. With heart disease and other health issues growing, medical professionals are seeing a correlation between secondhand smoke and illness. Since 1964, 2.5 million adults died from secondhand smoke (CDC, 2017). In the 19th century smoking was introduced and many people at first issues with the moral and hygiene of it not the health issues (CDC, Highlights: Tobacco Timeline, 2017). Now that we are seeing the effects of this killer drug, we need to take measures in the prevention of secondhand smoke.

Recommendations for secondhand smoke would be enforce smoke free policies and increase the sales by 20% (Force, 2012). Enforcing these can have great impact on the communities in a positive way:

• Reduce the exposure to secondhand smoke

• Reduce the use of tobacco products

• Reduce the initiation of young people using tobacco products.

• Decrease the morbidity and mortality rates (Force, 2012).

One recommendation that is great is raising the cost of healthcare coverage to the people that do smoke. This help to cover the cost of health conditions that can be reverse with habit forming changes. With smoking being link to many health problems such as:

• Cancer

• Heart Disease

• Hypertension

• Stroke

• Emphysema


These are just a few of the issues dealing with smoking, When you look at how we got here, then many can understand why it is time to take control of this issue.

Smoking started in the 19th century, when something is new it brings a since of excitement, which causes people to want to try it. I am sure the companies were not expecting this to become a health issues. Many felt it relaxed people and took away stress, so it could not be that bad. It was not until 1964, when surgeon general linked lung cancer to smoking (CDC, Highlights: Tobacco Timeline, 2017). This was when warning labels were required on the packages. In 1972, the surgeon general reported the effects of secondhand smoke in people with health conditions already (Events., 2010). Now that secondhand smoke is considered an environmental health issue and effecting an estimate of 150,000-300,000 children under 18 months (EPA, 2017). Effective with respiratory issues, something needed to be done. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and The Center of Disease Control both set tup regulations and standards that should be enforce in the communities. I feel this is how many of the laws dealing with smoke has been developed.

The recommendations given are great starts, I do feel that however are we over doing it by not hiring people who smoke into healthcare jobs? In 2007 the Cleveland Clinic stop hiring smokers, was this considered unfair (Leonard J. Weber, 2012)? Working in the hospital, I was tested for nicotine through a urine sample, but this test was very sensitive. If you lived in a house that had a smoker you would fail, the test and not be hired. This policy was rolled out to promote healthy behavior, but the question is how can you judge a person for what they do on there on time if its legal (Leonard J. Weber, 2012)? Some feel this helps with the spread of secondhand smoke in the facility and around the facility. Yet in the hospital patients smoke and will request a care giver to accompany them to go outside so they can smoke. This is still creating a secondhand smoke facility and endangering the worker for exposure to it because patients cannot be left unattended will admitted in the hospital. But when looked at from a professional stand point, smoking is viewed as unprofessional (Leonard J. Weber, 2012). Looking at it from the professional stand point many can say that yes smoking causes unprofessional behavior.

Secondhand smoke is an environmental health issue today. The introduction of cigarettes in the 19th century has brought with it major health conditions and risk factors. Through the research of the EPA and the CDC, researchers have link many health problems like heart disease and lung cancer to the inhalation of smoke. When something starts effecting children then a solution is need to their safety. I feel that we are on the right track in the prevention of secondhand smoke.


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