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Secret of a Good Nootropics Pill

Updated on January 3, 2013

Secret of a Good Nootropics Pill

Clearly, there are all sorts of brain supplements on the market. Some of them exploit some of the chemicals that are pretty much aggressive and some of them focus on using the best that can be taken from the nature. Paneuromix is the representative of this second group for many reasons. Here are to name the few and to give you the clue about what a good nootropic pill should have inside and why:

1. Dosage – only one pill for the entire day? Imagine the concentration of the substances in a nootropics pill. That is a lot of chemistry even if the pill is based on natural ingredients. Don’t let your body struggling with such a bomb of active substances, choose nootropics that are recommended to be used at least three times a day

2. Ingredients – becoming smarter, more focused and brilliant in the following hour? Honestly, do you really think it’s a good thing? All those chemicals that you can use to boost your performance so rapidly can also hurt you as well. Our body has its own pace and while natural ingredients tend to boost its performance and speed it up a bit, some chemicals can make you burn out or even become addicted! Think natural!

3. Balance – if you use tons of active substances that are all focused on keeping you awake, more energized and all eager to work, you need something to balance that out. You will not be able to do much in that state and you can even become irritable. So, check out the label on your nootropics pills and see if you can find some mood stabilizing substances on those lists, like L – Theanine or DMAE, or even Rhodiola Rosea. They are just as important as boosters.

These are only the three main categories that you should think about when choosing the right nootropics. Needless to say, Paneuromix has all these criteria met. It’s worth checking out.


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