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Secrets of getting a male baby

Updated on May 10, 2010

Secrets of getting a male baby

Sex is considered as the greatest gift of God to mankind. The ultimate aim of sex is reproduction. Everyone has the knowledge of sex, as it is essential for family life and existence. Sex has social acceptance when man and women bind together by marriage.

As the couple expecting their first baby they may not be strict on its gender. If the first baby is girl naturally majority of parents will be longing for a boy next time. Of course they will be worried of its uncertainty of getting the Boy. They do not know the   possibility   getting boy. Most of them think it is matter of simple luck or destiny. But the real possibility of getting the boy (selected gender) and the possibility of its success is more than 80%.  In this hubpage you will find information regarding its the possibility.

The primary point is the selection of day for the intercourse. It should be on the very peak day (utmost fertile day: the mid point of the cycle- the most wet day) of woman’s menstrual cycle.  Make sex only one time on that day and do not make sex in previous days while keeping the following points.

Semen contains sperms with X Y chromosomes and ovum contains XX chromosome.

When the X of man intersects with X of the women the child will be GIRL

When the Y of Man intersects X of the Women the chills will be BOY.

For getting a Boy we understand importance increasing the possibility of the intersection of Y + X and reducing the possibility of X+X. The couple has to be attentive to make-up the best favorable conditions for the Y chromosome.

When man do not make sex for 2-3 months Y chromosome get more energy and its counts in the sperm increases.

Y-chromosomes cannot live in acidic situation but this condition is favorable for X Chromosomes. On the peak day virginal tube and area will be in the state of least acidic and it is most favorable for Y Chromosome. So the sexual intercourse on this peak day gives the maximum chance for Boy.

Please keeping my the following

Before the sex wash the both the organs with soap water or water has light alkali-water to make the condition favorable for Y and unfavorable for X.

Do not use tight under-wears it adversely affect the generation of sperm and it will more affect in the generation ‘Y’ Chromosomes.  Use of loose and cotton under garments are suggested.

Drink more water to increase fluid level of the body.

Try to increase time of the intercourse so that woman will get orgasm first so that non- acidic liquid can make very favorable condition for Y Chromosomes. 

Avoid acidic food items like mango, turmeric, curd, etc 

“Good Luck and Blessings for ”


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