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Secrets of the Chinese People's Health

Updated on March 23, 2016

We follow you in this part of the topic Secrets of the Chinese people of the City district on the permanent-old youth and prolonging.

Spreads in China acupuncture, where all diseases treatment for health and eternal youth. Galt DWI acupuncture in the treatment of my people and exercised and enjoyed by all citizens under the auspices of the state.

Chinese people as well as any medicine using herbs and out of all diseases, and perhaps the herb "Ginseng" herb "Gotu kola" The first thing I knew in China. Studies show that these two As habits of the most powerful herbal stimulant for the body and given to the patient after a period of convalescence to help the healing and cell regeneration in the body.

There is also another popular herb is known in Arab countries and called herb rejuvenation "Hydrocotytyle aslatica minor." They became the herb has a special fame by Professor and professor of herbs in China, "Li Chung Yun" which is said to have lived to the age of 256, and that old is not a lie but documented in the Chinese references. Since he teaches at the University "Sinkiang" people will remember it for the lifetime of 200 years ... when 100 old year was awarded a medal of honor his service given to him by the Government of China, and this is, as they say in the source installed in the state archives, 150 years after the receipt of this medal of honor.

He states that he was giving a lecture at the age of 200 years and was deemed imagined 50 years old. He was born in 1677 and died in 1933 and his contemporaries four centuries: 17-18-19-20. He had been living with his wife and 24 when he died. It is said that he had maintained natural teeth and hair. Botanically it deals with herb "Ginseng" in the form of tea a day.

Research scientists have been interested in from Britain, France and another herb "Ginseng" and found it rich in a vitamin called it (X) (X), or what they called the vitamin young people, and this vitamin is also present in cabbage (Allah and). Scientists said that this vitamin effect on brain cells and cells of the genital tract.

There are herb "Ginseng" on three forms as a whole and its trade name "Fo-ti-ting", but the use of any herb should only be taken a moderate amount, and for anyone to consult your doctor if they are relevant to his health.


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