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Secrets to Living with Passion Part 1

Updated on April 28, 2011
Pay attention to how it all feels!
Pay attention to how it all feels! | Source

Secrets to Living with Passion Part 1

It’s easy to become complacent.

You keep doing the same things all the time and soon it’s as if the little things no longer exist. You sink deeper into a rut and a sense of dread replaces the excitement and joy that once fueled your step. Before you know it, you have no passion for anything and anyone.

As a professional speaker, I’ve been blessed to travel to every state in the United States and share my secrets to Living with Passion to thousands and men and women. I’ve also ridden on the same emotional rollercoaster you may be riding on right now.

You have responsibilities. You’ve made decisions and you intend to stand by them. Still, you want to walk with a spring in your step and a fire in your heart. You want to look forward to waking up rather than dreading it.

Sound familiar?

In the next few articles, I’ll share with you how to find that passion you crave. In this article, let’s start with the basics.

SECRET #1 Feel what you're doing.

We often take the little things we do daily for granted. By taking the ordinary things for granted we fall into a dangerous cycle of looking for the next best thing or the next new diversion. That can be a costly obsession. Not just financially, but spiritually, mentally and physically.

If you want to make things new again without exposing your heart to lust or your pocketbook to opportunists, make a decision to practice re-appreciating what you already have.

Slow down! Breath and force yourself to focus on the ways things feel. Seriously, if you’re determined to reingnite that extinguished passion then follow my advice.

Starting this moment pay attention to how things FEEL as you interact with them.

Instead of just thoughtlessly crawling out of bed, notice how your skin feels as you lift the blanket off of you and the chilly morning air hits it. Pay attention to the subtle cracks and pops your body makes as you stretch. Think about the relationship between your toes and what they touch as they make contact with the carpet or tile beneath them.

If you make the effort to focus on (and appreciate) how something feels as you're doing it, you open a whole world of sensuality that is yours for the taking.

A few more exercises:

-Rub your thumbs across your fingertips, but pay attention to how your skin reacts as you do so.

-Focus on the way your fingertips feel at the precise moment they stroke each key on the computer keyboard while you're typing or scrolling up or down this page.

-Prepare to eat a bowl of cereal and pay attention to how the spoon feels in your hand, how the cereal tastes as it meets you lips, how the cold milk makes your tongue feel and the taste of each piece of cereal as your teeth crunches down on it. Pay specific attention to each swallow and feel the food sliding down your esophagus.

-When you go to kiss your lover or spouse, kiss them slower and more deliberately than usual. Pay attention to that first second your lips meet and the exchange of energy between each of you. Hold that kiss a few seconds longer and feel the moistness of your lips, the warmth of their skin, the feeling of their breath as it glides across your face.

Wake up to the world around you by not taking things for granted. Remember, just because we can explain how something works doesn't make it any less miraculous!

Until next time, Live Passionately!

Brian Norris, a professional speaker and touch enthusiast, is the author of several books including Escape Life Sucks Syndrome and The Creative Sales and Marketing Manual. He is currently writing his next book, Practical Ideas & Thoughts for the Weary Optimist.


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      PainReliefGuy 6 years ago

      Thanks, Ranzi. I appreciate your feedback! :)

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      Cut The Bullshit 6 years ago from All Over

      Love this !