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See Eye To Eye – Clean and Care for Contact Lenses Properly

Updated on December 19, 2011

If you became tired of your eyeglasses and decided to make the switch to contact lenses, the first and most important step is taking care of and cleaning your contact lenses properly to help maintain the health of your eyes. You won’t see eye to eye with your eye care professional or anyone else for that matter if you don’t follow his or her advice. No, their advice is not over the top, but a nasty eye infection can be. Contact lenses have come a long way since the old hard lenses which most people don’t wear. The typical prescription is for dailies or monthly soft contact lenses. Some contact lens manufacturers offer not only better vision, but a non-permanent change to your eye color. Caring for colored lenses is the same as caring for and cleaning clear ones.

Daily Contact Lens Cleaning

Wash your hands with soap and water and then dry them with a paper towel. Never, ever handle contact lenses with dirty hands. Even if your hands don’t look dirty, there can be more than a few contaminants or irritants lurking on your fingertip. Imagine the sting of the hot peppers you handled hours ago or the moisturizer you used earlier in the day. Plus there can be bacteria lurking on your hands which you will put directly into your eyes.

Soak your lenses with a generous squirt of fresh cleaning solution in your lens case. Leave the lenses to soak.

Wash your hands in the morning and pop your lenses back into your eyes. Spill the cleaning solution out of the case refill with cleaning solution and let it soak for a few minutes. Empty the solution from the case and let the case air dry.

Do’s and Don’t’s

Do throw away your lenses as directed by the manufacturer whether it is daily, weekly or monthly.

Don’t clean your contacts with tap or bottled water as they both may contain bacteria which will cause an eye infection.

Do close the sink drain before removing or putting your lenses in.

Don’t share contact lenses with anyone. You never know what germs you or they carry. You can cause eye distress by wearing an improperly sized lens.

Do be fit for contact lenses by a professional.

Don’t wear fun or funky contact lenses that were not approved by a doctor.

Do check the expiration date on the contact lens package.

Don’t sleep in your contact lenses unless approved by your doctor to do so.


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    • Kulsum Mehmood profile image

      Dr Kulsum Mehmood 5 years ago from Nagpur, India

      Good info. Thanks for sharing. Voted up and useful.