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Thankful for All My Senses

Updated on July 22, 2015

Trusting our Senses

Touch | Source
Smell | Source
Hear | Source
Taste | Source
See | Source

"Can You List 5 Things That You Are Thankful For That You Didn't Buy."

My children, animals, nature, life, and our family, always make me thankful.

That took awhile to narrow it down to only five things. I love questions like this. In no way really can it be answered rationally, or mathematically, or scientifically. Only physically?

No, not that either, spiritually, metaphysically, oh there it is again, a matter of perception.

Based upon that idea, thought, message, transcription, whatever, my love of intuition suggested our five senses. Our human bodies, I know so little about mine, really.

To me, it is the greatest tool ever to learn about five of the things I am thankful for that I didn't buy, that just are, us, we, you and me in this place of time and space.

Without a strong 'feeling in my bones' many call the sixth sense, I doubt I could comprehend any of the rest of them. No my body is a subject I don't know much about. Insights into what I might be feeling have always led me to the people, places and things I am most thankful for.

Eyes to See

For eyes to see rainbows, clouds and the sea. To read all the wonders the world has wrote. To look with the same wonder as a child. They light up so surprised when a tiny little butterfly dances around them.

To see the very top of the trees swaying in the breeze. To watch a sailboat. To look at a sky go from bright red to soft orange and then pink behind a garden of fir trees on a warm summer's eve. To see newborn babies so fresh from the womb. To see more happiness and a lot less gloom.

Near sightedness makes this more of a blessing. So many things in the distance I would not be able to see without glasses. As a child though, I saw more of nature right next to me that way instead. If I am ever without them again, I can still say I am thankful.

Ears to Hear

Grateful for ears to hear the birds sing, the hummingbird buzz, the owl on a moonlit night. To hear my husband snoring beside me, and know that he is alright. Hearing the children play down the street, the dog bark as they play. Glad I can hear them singing and counting hide and seek games.

Stories were told in my childhood that my hearing was too good. Many a time sending me outside so I wouldn't hear all the grown up discussions going on in the room. My hearing continues to pick up more than it needs to, I am sure great mystery and all the wonders of nature have a reason for that.

A Mouth That Tastes

For my tongue to taste honey, berries, cookies, peaches, asparagus. Taste of summer time, berries ripe on the vine. Fresh watermelon, vegetables, and fresh fish. Taste of spring with sweet candies and cakes. Things made with eggs like potato or macaroni salads and hor- derves. Tastes of fresh grapes from the vineyard.

A Loving Touch

Glad for my fingers and hands to hold on and touch things, and wear lots of rings. Hands to hold your hand, and wash the dishes. Fingers to run through the fresh garden soil. Thumbs to balance and pull things around. Hands to carry groceries. Fingers to comb through your hair. Thumbs to hang onto pots and pans. Fingers to clean silverware.
I am grateful for the children whose soft hands hold mine as we walk across the street.

Smell of the Sea

I am grateful for the smell of the sea, and the fish frying and of you next to me.For the fragrance of fresh flowers when they are starting to bloom,the sweet nectar of honey, warm on the bread.For the fresh smell of laundry just after it is dry.I love the smell of a baby's soft breath when they are sound asleep.When a fresh apple pie sits in the windowsill, I start to drool and look for vanilla ice cream.

Grateful for a clean clear smell when the wind blows the rain from the trees.
Yet, reading back through this I realize, some of the things my senses enjoy I have to buy. Like food to eat, a bed to sleep, a house to live in, lotion for my skin, toothpaste for my teeth, and music for my ears.
So, sorry my friend as I come to the end of this little challenge I see. Maybe after all I didn't answer your question, after all. Thanks though, it was worth a try. Plus it was fun!

Trusting Our 6th Sense

The Intuition Guidebook: How To Safely and Wisely Use Your Sixth Sense
The Intuition Guidebook: How To Safely and Wisely Use Your Sixth Sense

To no longer have to hide our highly sensitive intuitiveness. That is the greatest gift of this book and others like it. May it enrich a younger generation into this wonderful energy healing.


© 2012 Maree Michael Martin

Senses of Communication

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    • tbsingh profile image

      tbsingh 5 years ago from INDIA

      nice post.

    • Ruby H Rose profile image

      Maree Michael Martin 6 years ago from Northwest Washington on an Island

      Thank you Rosika. Welcome to HubPages. A terrific place to learn. I love getting comments, so now I will go give you some!

    • Ruby H Rose profile image

      Maree Michael Martin 6 years ago from Northwest Washington on an Island

      Thank you. I enjoy yours too.

    • rosika profile image

      rosika 6 years ago

      what a lovely have a creative way of writing hubs! great work!

    • Ruby H Rose profile image

      Maree Michael Martin 6 years ago from Northwest Washington on an Island

      am so glad you liked it. It was a great question. Yay! from me too. I love finding other hubs to follow.

    • BkCreative profile image

      BkCreative 6 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

      Beautiful! Just so well done. I'm glad my question inspired you in such a lovely way. I must follow you so I can keep up with your great hubs. Yay!