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Seeking Serene Calmness

Updated on July 18, 2014

The Path Of Being

Picture taken by Melody and Dwayne Elliott ©2014 Copyright All Rights Reserved
Picture taken by Melody and Dwayne Elliott ©2014 Copyright All Rights Reserved

Finding The Moment

Our lives and minds get cluttered on a daily basis. Sometimes we go a very long time without cleaning it up so to speak. Anything can clutter a mind such as technology, tv, negativity, worry, stress, etc. Even the simplest things can have an effect on our spiritual selves. With that being said how do you take the first step of finding that serenity. Sometimes it can be easier said then done. But if you just keep the need in mind you will soon find time.

We have countless times a day when we could find peace and serenity in our lives. Even something like using the bathroom can have benefits to our spiritual selves. Think of it like this. You're in a room alone and normally bathrooms are quiet. Its the perfect time to stop and focus on clearing your mind. Or you could have a little time when your kids are taking a nap or playing. Perhaps that tv time sitting on the couch could be better spent. Or maybe a car drive alone. It doesn't matter where you're going. Instead of blaring music take a chance and listen to silence.

Once you're use to setting these small time frames aside you will become better at finding new ways. Each small moment you spend on your spiritual self can add up. It doesn't always have to be a half an hour straight. Short moments can be very blissful!

Morning Dew On Tulip Tree Leaf

Picture taken by Melody and Dwayne Elliott ©2014 Copyright All Rights Reserved
Picture taken by Melody and Dwayne Elliott ©2014 Copyright All Rights Reserved

The Beginning

The simplest things can bring peaceful moments. Even in places where wouldn't think to look can something be beautiful. The picture here is of a leaf on a tulip tree was taken in an ordinary front yard in a neighborhood that isn't the prettiest. A lot of times its the small things that count. It can begin with reading a book, creating a calming atmosphere, listening to soft calming music, etc. So what are some tips of finding that mental clarity and serenity?

Meditation is a wonderful way of relieving stress, receiving calm feelings, balancing energy, and is even beneficial to health. Meditation has various techniques. As a general guide simply find a comfortable spot. Make sure your body is positioned in a way that feels good. Take in deep breaths. Breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. This is a form of taking in the good and expelling the bad. You can close your eyes, look at a pretty picture, or nature if you're outside. Either have soft music playing such as classical or music created for meditations. Or you could simply listen to the silence that surrounds you and embrace it.

Another good way is to take nature walks. Find a nice park or forest with paths where you can take a safe walk through. The act of being away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life can do wonders. Simply being in an area where humans have not touched can be the most serene things you could do in my opinion. We all have this negative energy build up and the cities and houses that are built by humans can often carry that and manifest itself onto us as time goes by. Its good to get away every now and again, even if only for a moment.

Perhaps you don't want to meditate or go anywhere. Maybe you just want to sit in a silent room alone. They say silence is golden and its true. How can we expect to hear anything when we're constantly listening. Sometimes its best to just cut out all forms of noise and think. Let your thoughts come and go as they please. Embrace the silence around you. Sooner or later you will begin to realize things and feel emotions you may not have even knew or felt before. This is a very popular way of relaxing your mind and is an easy form of meditation.

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Quick Look Back

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Spiritual Awakening

Once you have all the small moments down try to widen your perspective. Take slightly longer moments of contemplation or meditation. You will soon realize that the way people live with clutter surrounding them is not the true intentions. We weren't meant to have phones and technology shoved in our faces constantly. We weren't meant to have music playing in our ears or people chatting on the TV all day. Most of what we human do now days is not the most wisest way to live. These small techniques are a way to get back to the way things use to be. And through these small moments we will once again realize the true meaning of relaxation. Its not sitting in a chain getting a facial, laying on a bed getting a massage, or any of the like even though those things are nice. True relaxation comes from within! Only when we master the inner ways shall we broaden ourselves.

© 2014 Melody Wilson


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