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Seichem Reiki Healing

Updated on March 21, 2017

The history of Seichim Reiki healing

Seichim was founded by Patrick Zeigler during a trip to Egypt.

During mediation in the great pyramid, he channelled a powerful energy

Soon after Patrick's channelling in Egypt, he travelled to Khartoum where he received a spiritual attunement from a Sufi master. Patrick then travelled to the Mexico where he attended a Reiki class and was attuned to the energy.

What is Seichim Reiki healing

Seichim is a life force energy, it cannot be seen by the naked eye, but can be felt by those who are sensitive to the energy

It's a composite of the energy Patrick channelled in the great pyramid, the attunement he received in Khartoum & Usui Reiki.

Seichim is a holistic therapy that supports the body's natural healing mechanism. This enables the client's return wholeness and their true path. It brings the client back to their original unique, healthy self.

Although it works on all levels of the self - mental, physical, emotional and spiritual, the focus is on the emotions.

The Seichim Reiki attunement

In order to administer Seichim Reiki healing, a practitioner must receive an attunement.

An attunement is a process in which a Seichim master, initiates a Seichim student to the energy system at a Seichim class.

- The attunement process starts with the master energetically cleansing the student's aura.

- The master then calls down the Seichim Reiki energy & signs a series of symbols into the students energy field.

- The attunement adjusts the students chakras & raises the vibration of the aura. This allows the student to channel Seichim initially for self-healing and with further attunements, to heal others.

The treatment

The healer acts as a channel or conduit for the energy and it's administered to the client through laying the hands on the body, or in the aura.

Due to the relaxing nature of the treatment, a meditative state is natually induced where visions or insights can occur

A treatment feels very relaxing. The sensations that can be felt vary from heat, cold, tingles to a pleasant electrical feeling, it is a very pleasurable experience.

The sensations are causes by the clearing of energy in the body.

Seichim Reiki can be a catalyst for a spiritual awakening for some.

Seichim founder Patrick Zeigler

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Different types of Reiki based on Seichim

There are a number of different types in existence. Most of them are based on Patrick Zeigler's initiation.

The common theme with all of the schools is that the energy is heart focussed and clears emotional blockages.

Seichem/Tera Mai Reiki:
This is taught by Kathleen Milner. This healing modality originates the Golden Buddha.

Milner states that Tera Mai Reiki must be the only attunement that a practitioner receives as it's pure from source.

She claims that if any other attunements are undertaken after Seichim is initiated, all of the original attunements will be lost.

Is taught by Helen Belot. The attunements cannot be performed remotely and must administered in person.

Sekhem uses 7 original symbols that are not found in any other healing modality.

Seven Facet Seichim:
This school uses 7 stages of attunement to initiate the student.

Each stage or facet introduces the student to an element of the healing modality.

As the student learns about the facets & is attuned to the symbols they are able to heal others with the energy & eventually initiate others into the system.

This is the form of Seichem that Patrick Zeigler is currently teaching.

SKHM is taught in All Love classes which are experiential workshops.

Within the workshop the focus is on love, removing blockages to love and creating a feeling of connectedness with the universe

SSR an energy system that incorporates Seichim, Sekhem & Usui Reiki.

The combination of the 3 modalities raises the client's vibration and enables them to carry more light in their energy field


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