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Seize the Day

Updated on June 23, 2009

The coming of a new season has brought all the joys of fulfilled anticipation once again. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking forward to the sun and green of summer or the snow and family holidays that come with the arrival of winter, it seems that each new season is somehow better than the one that preceded it; if only because the previous season has simply grown tiresome.

Along with the predictable excitement that accompanies the changing of the seasons comes a quick turn-around as we remember what we didn’t like about this season that made the previous one look so enticing before it was upon us. When summer finally arrives, it takes less than two weeks before you hear friends and neighbors complaining about the heat, the humidity, the cost of air conditioning, and the excessive bugs. And it doesn’t change with winter. Although greatly hoped for after the long, hot days of summer; winter brings with it grumbling about the snow, sleet, hail, shoveling, and, of course, the freezing temperatures.

It seems that we have a problem with being satisfied. Is contentment a state found only in dreams? Are we ever able to be in a place where we feel completely fulfilled?

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This problem with our psyches doesn’t end with seasonal changes, you know. That’s only the beginning. It is even more magnified and noticeable with our lives in general.

Single people want to be married. Childless people look forward to having children. Parents of infants can’t wait till their child is out of diapers. Mothers of toddlers anticipate their children being in school. Parents of college bound students await the days of the empty nest with plans of travel and freedom.

And the concept works in reverse, as well. Mothers of school-age children miss holding a baby. Parents of teenagers think fondly of the days when they’re children were small. And empty-nesters sit in their children’s empty rooms, hold their pillows, and cry.

Looking ahead to the future. Thinking fondly of the past. Both are well and good in their moment, but if you live in those states, you never fully enjoy where you are.

Every season of life has its highs and lows, its advantages and disadvantages. (If you’re having a hard time seeing the pros in your stage of life, ask someone who is before or behind you on the trail.) Often our problem is that we see mostly the negative of the stage we’re in, and remember or look forward to the positive of the other stages of life.

Look around at your life right now. Right. Now. Not where you wish you were, or where you used to be. Right now.

This moment you’ve been given is a gift. You can live this moment and savor it and seize it for all its worth or you can let it slip away wishing for greener pastures. (This isn’t to say that you should not persevere and improve yourself and have goals. You can have goals and still treasure the life you have in this moment.)

Consider this the main event. This moment you are in right now, this is the “feature presentation”. Whether you are single or married, childless, have young children, or your children are grown; you can live now as if this is the moment you were made for. Live it with all your heart, do whatever life has handed you at this moment with passion.


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    • Sarah Songing profile imageAUTHOR

      Sarah Songing 

      9 years ago

      Good thought, LondonGirl! We can learn a lot from our children, this area being no exception. Well said.

    • LondonGirl profile image


      9 years ago from London

      I agree with you. I think you can learn a lot from young children - Isaac, for example, isn't that interested in what he did yesterday, or might do tomorrow, he cares what he's doing NOW.


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