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Companion Cremation Urns

Updated on September 1, 2014
Athena Gold Companion Urns
Athena Gold Companion Urns

When a husband and wife, life partners or other loved ones are cremated, oftentimes they want their ashes placed together in a companion urn: Together in life; together in death. A popular choice for many families, a companion urn for ashes is designed to hold the ashes together in one compartment or in separate ones. The designs are unique memorials to the couple and their companionship.

Companion urns come in many of the same styles and themes as traditional single urns, but often portray themes of love. For example, urns with interlocking hearts are common. Companion urns are made of bronze, metal, glass, ceramic, wood and marble. They can be displayed indoors or if designed appropriately, can be placed outdoors in a garden or on a patio.


At times, a companion urn is also used to hold the cremains of a larger person whose ashes won't fit in a traditional single urn. An individual urn typically holds between 180 and 220 cubic inches of ash, which correlates to between 180 to 220 pounds.

Selecting a Cremation Urn for Ashes

If you and your loved one are preplanning a funeral, you have time to pick out the right companion urn for your ashes. Some other points to consider when pre-planning include deciding:

  • How much you want to spend
  • If the urn will be placed in a niche at the cemetery or at home on display
  • Whether the cremains will be placed in one or two compartments
  • If you want the urn personalized or engraved with death dates when the time comes
  • On an appropriate style and material

Popular Styles of Companion Urns

Single compartment companion urns are very similar to individual urns except they are larger. Many of these have unique "couples" designs on them such as two doves, intertwining rings, hearts, or even ones with room for a photograph of the couple.

Double-compartment urns come in a variety of styles such as side-by-side individual urns placed on the same base, urns that are shaped like books and placed next to each other on a shelf, or urns that create the shape of a heart when connected.


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The Importance of a Companion Urn

Companion or double urns are a perfect testament to a couple's relationship. They not only allow you to bond with the memories of your partner, but to remain side-by-side for all eternity and for all generations to see.


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