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Selecting an Elliptical Trainer for Your Body and Budget

Updated on May 24, 2012

I often get asked what is the best elliptical trainer to buy? That depends on a number of considerations, because when it comes to crosstrainer, one size does not fit all.

First, what is your budget and is it in line with that kind of machine that you require to achieve your fitness goals? For example, a budget elliptical that cost under $600 will probably not withstand the rigors of a strenuous workout. If you are going to exercise moderately a few days a week you can get by on a less costly machine. However, if you are an aggressive athlete that likes to push your workout to the limits, you will require an elliptical that can withstand the abuse.

Another factor is your weigh. If you are excessively heavy you are going to need an elliptical trainer that can withstand the burden of the extra weight, which means it needs to be fairly heavy and sturdy. I find it ironic when treadmill manufacturers will put a user weight limit at almost double the weight of the machine. Also, the excess weight will be an extra strain on the mechanics.

Another consideration is a person's height. You need to consider an elliptical that can accommodate your stride length, whether you are short, tall or average height. For average to moderately tall individuals I recommend a 20" stride length. In addition, if you are a short female you want an elliptical trainer that has the footpedals relatively close together to prevent strain on your hips.

A final consideration is an incline feature. The incline on an elliptical is similar to that of a treadmill. It allows you to incline the elliptical stride. The advantages are, when inclined you get a more intense cardio workout, like hiking up a hill. In addition, when you incline the motion you target additional lower body muscles, which is important to your physical trainer. You want to vary your exercise to get as well rounded workout.

Not every elliptical trainers fit all, and it is important to find a model that is geared towards your fitness goals and your physique. For further recommendations and advice on elliptical trainers visit the Fitness Equipment Source site.

About the Author

Fred Waters has worked in the fitness equipment industry for over 16 years. Through his web site he has assisted thousands of individuals in selecting the ideal elliptical trainer.

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Incline Feature
Incline Feature


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