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Selecting and Using Walkers for Mobility and Safety

Updated on October 13, 2015

ZOOM ZOOM that's how we roll

For $100 or less, you can put yourself on wheels
For $100 or less, you can put yourself on wheels | Source

New Legs? Not quite, but a decent alternative.

You can't help notice the growing number of handicapped and elderly people who are moving about with help from one of the two basic styles of walkers that are available. Those who are recovering from hip surgery, knee replacements and other foot and leg problems find these devices quite helpful. While they are used only temporarily by some, until their healing and therapy is complete, people suffering from severe arthritis and rheumatoid issues and others who are generally too weak to function on their own are inclined to use walkers throughout their lives.

We are all aware of these products, but in so many cases because of lack of information about the product options available or just plain stubbornness, the elderly refuse to spend a few of their dollars to improve their life style, or are not aware of the many developments that can make life easier for them.

A Better Choice For Safety and More Mobility

On the other hand, if its a matter of affordability, previously owned walkers can be purchased at Thrift Shops or the Salvation Army, Goodwill Shops and on Craig's list for a fraction of the cost of new unit. Walkers can be found for as little as $10 to $20 for a used walker, many of which used only a month or so.

Before leaving the topic of walking aids and walkers specifically, vanity should be addressed. Some men and women are too vain to acquiesce to the reality and admit that they are old, and getting older. There is no shame in that. Their is shame only if those people fail to do their best to improve their lives. A walker is a personal freedom vehicle that can allow immobile men and women to step away from that corner chair at Point A and walk on over to all the activity and fun over at Point B. That's the way you should roll.

Walkers are lightweight and can be collapsed for storage or easy transport in any car. What's holding you up? Get yourself moving. If you have an aging or handicapped relative who could use a walker, step up to the plate and provide them with one. It shouldn't cost you more than a week's amount of Starbucks coffee.

Tennis balls do a much better job on the court than on a walker
Tennis balls do a much better job on the court than on a walker

Let's Roll

The classic example is the little old lady or man who plods along dragging his o her aluminum walking stand along. They are easily recognizable by the tennis balls that are attacked to the posts of the walker/. The tennis balls are intended to reduce the friction on the device as it is dragged along carpets, concrete, grass and whatever. Watch someone maneuver one of these rudimentary aids and you cam see how hard they struggle to get from Point A to that elusive Point B , ten feet away.

What's the answer to that issue? It's called wheels, or to be more exact, walkers equipped with wheels at the corners and a easy to use hand brake that allows safe passage and easy use. How easy is that? The same women and men who spend a hundred dollars a month or more on Bingo games or casino junkets will refuse to buy a new walker on wheels from the drug store or medical supply house. What's with that? Often these walkers are available from Medicare under certain circumstances. In any event, one can't help but shake their head in disbelief at the foolishness and frugal attitudes of many seniors.

Perhaps their children are to blame for not forcing the issue with their elderly parents, but walkers on wheels make sense. Come now people, take better care of yourselves. There is no reason to risk a fall caused by dragging those tennis balls over the floor. Don't worry about spending junior's inheritance. He would rather have his parents around safe, sound and mobile.

Walkers for less

Medline Aluminum Folding Rollator Walker with 8" Wheels and Basket, Blue
Medline Aluminum Folding Rollator Walker with 8" Wheels and Basket, Blue

sturdy construction, bargain price allows you to roll along instead of dragging those tennis balls.



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