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Self Assessment for a Positive Approach in Life Through NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Updated on July 28, 2020
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Intent to leave a POSITIVE IMPACT on every single person either consciously or unconsciously via any medium. (ONE MOMENT CHANGES REALITY)

NLP means taking a positive approach to life.

There is no doubt that generally, people worry too much about their failures and when this happens, people remain trapped by focusing on the negative aspects of the experience, instead of considering any feedback or evaluating the situation as being a possible outcome, moving forward by discovering new possibilities and utilizing them.

Here is a great way of being able to do just this:

(Answer these questions with at most HONESTY. Remember this is the 1st Step towards making a remarkable change in your Life.)

What am I trying to achieve?

What have I achieved thus far?

What feedback (if any) have I had?

What lessons can I take forward from this?

How can I turn lessons learned into practical use?

How can I measure my success?

Neuro Logical Levels by Robert Dilts and Modified by Adrian Cahill

Change Your Thoughts Today

‘If what you are doing is not working, do something different.’

How often do we carry on in the same way, saying or doing the same thing, hoping that something will change?

We simply need to modify behavior when things are not working. It may not be easy, but it is a lot more effective than just hoping that the situation will change on its own or hoping that others will change instead.

When you change things yourself, you strive toward greater control in life.

‘Individuals have all the resources they need to achieve their desired outcomes.’

What I mean here is that we really do have everything we need to grow on a

personal level. If we want to achieve, we can.

Even if you look at your own life and feel that you do not have the necessary resources available, you still have the potential for change.

Internal resources – relates to changing behaviors as to how you approach your goals.

External resources – mean starting a new course or acquiring a new skill - one that will be needed to help you achieve your ultimate goal.

There are always ways to evoke change and to achieve your goals.

‘People are much more than their behavior’

Similar to your Neuro-Logical Levels, every person has his or her own Neuro Logical Levels.

Therefore, when someone behaves badly, it doesn’t make them a bad person in NLP terms, because it’s important to separate the behavior from the individual.

There could be a reason as to why someone acted in a specific way.

In respect of behaviors, there are different ways of functioning:




Capabilities and Skills


Values and Beliefs

By working upon and changing any aspects of the above, self-development can occur.

Research indicates that emotion impacts on a cellular level so there is a strong connection between the mind and body. Your brain communicates with your body by way of Neurotransmitters (chemicals that transmit impulses).

This means that the most damaging of thoughts or emotions will reach out to the cells within your body, so no wonder ill-health occurs.

These Neurotransmitters can also be produced by your internal organs so damaging thoughts can really be ‘felt’ in all areas of the body.


(next article with regards to Directing Your Life through NLP)

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


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