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Self-Discipline and How My Ancestors Developed it Without Police

Updated on July 18, 2014

The most successful persons exert discipline on their daily basis. Employees who always come late will get the consequence. They will get fired. Football players who do not follow the rule of the game will get a yellow or red card. So does in business, etc. Without discipline, how the life on this planet is. Chaos will be everywhere. For example, the drivers who drive with high speed, they must stop when the red light on, if not, accident will happen. However, it is not all drivers obey it then lead to an accident.

The Law was created to put every person behave properly. Someone who does not obey it will get punished. However, there are a lot of people break it, and there are a lot of people get punished. It becomes fake now whether law created to make people discipline of to make people get punished. Therefore, Self-discipline is important. It is needn’t to put polices in charge in all aspects of life just to develop discipline.

Self-discipline is important. Many people are aware of discipline, but not all of them truly understand it. Self-discipline doesn’t mean you should live a restrictive life or a limited life. Self-discipline is the inner power of controlling yourself. The fact is, not all what you want will lead you to good thing. You should select them. Self-discipline doesn’t mean you will lose freedom. Self-discipline will lead you to get true freedom: free of harm, free of punishment, free of bad effects, and so on.

Many people fail to succeed because they are not self-disciplined. Self-discipline makes people stick to their decision. When they decided to achieve their goal next four years, they should struggle and make great efforts to get it. However, people who are not self-disciplined will give up in the early step. They easily change their decisions. The result of this is failure. A gifted talent will be useless without any supercharged by self-discipline.

However, it is not easy to develop and to maintain self-discipline. Many tutorials you can read, but I will write my own experience. I got this idea from friends in writers association when we discussed about writing. Here are the steps:

1) Make a schedule in the morning or in the evening, or in both.
2) Define the goal and when you should reach it.
3) Define what activity, what time, and where it should be.
4) When the schedule is due, you should come to that place and do it.

Create a comfortable environment. Put some pictures of successful people around. Put some pictures of people who are on struggle, on learning, on process to success. You can also put a picture series of their process from the beginning until they got success. Watching motivational videos are also suggested. It will create a feeling in you that you are not alone. You have a lot of friends are on struggle. You have a lot of friends are working on their dream and forcing themselves.

Do not force yourself too hard. Understand your limit. If your limit is sticking to your schedule for 15 minutes, set it not more than it. You may break it at the beginning. It doesn’t matter. You are creating a habit, no need to put yourself under pressure. Make yourself enjoy it.

For example, make schedule in the morning and in the evening, each for 15 minutes. Define certain place and time for it. If you are too lazy to do what you should do when the schedule comes, at least you come to the place and sit there though you do nothing. It doesn’t matter. It’s the early step of creating new habit. You will get used to it gradually. Remember the consequence of indiscipline; that is failure.

The lesson from my ancestor is great as well. Modern people claim it as superstition, something that is nothing or something fake. However, I get a great lesson from it. It strengthens their instinct. When the time comes, it is like something comes to remind them to do it. They feel something missed; they will try to figure out. Then, they will easily remember it.

There are a lot of rules that modern people consider superstitions. We may not stand up while eating. The food will run to our calves. We may not buy something sharp such as nail, knife, and needle in the evening or night. We may not sweep the floor in the evening or night. A maiden may not stand up at the door. We should open the door on Thursday evening because our ancestors back home and burn incense. We may not massage ourselves or others on Tuesday. We must choose certain day, time, direction, dress color, etc. to do everything. In my point of view, those are what we know as discipline. For Muslim, we have schedule for praying five times a day, and two times we can choose to do or not (Midnight pray and Duha).

People obey those rules because they believe of the consequences. They believe that they will get something good by following it, and on the contrary they will get something bad. So that, remember the consequence while you are in training of self-discipline. The failure is on the indiscipline side. Our ancestors have taught us how to live in a good order. Most people do not want to leave it though many people look down on it. The reason is because they have built a habit. They have learned it since their childhood. How great you are if you success building great habit. Success is in your hand.


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    • Sunardi profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Indonesia

      Thanks for reading, Mate.

    • word55 profile image

      Al Wordlaw 

      4 years ago from Chicago

      Wonderful Sunardi, there are unique lessons to be learned here. Great job!


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