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Self Esteem= The Royal Road to Happiness

Updated on September 3, 2010

Love yourself

it's easy
it's easy

Loving Yourself

Loving yourself is a powerful method for creating more happiness in your life. Anytime you have ever felt hurt by what someone had said or done, there is a strong possibility that you started internalizing negative thoughts within yourself. For most people this process is automatic. They place so much value on what others think, that they lose themselves in the opinions of others. Nobody can be happy living at the mercy of others opinions. Sure it feels good when people give compliments and do nice things. It can even make ones day. One compliment can place a person in the clouds of joy for years. It's a wonderful thing but what happens if the person changes? Suddenly there's a feeling of being unloved or unwanted. This dependency on others for esteem or love is a huge mistake.

Outer Love

I am sure you have seen celebrities who felt unloved as a child, so they set out to develop an incredible talent. Finally they became famous with millions of fans all around the world. They are literally worshiped. Fans scream, pass out or become emotional just by being in their presence. With all those cheers, awards, and accolades we still hear some celebrities say they feel unloved. How is that possible? The fans have given their all; money, love, worship but they still could not fill the void.

The Void

The void cannot be filled from the outside. The love that people are seeking is within them. Outer love and kindness from others may feel good but that's only because it helps to trigger your own inner love. When anyone feels unloved they are simply not loving themselves. They are seeking support from the outside. Just like when you learn to ride a bike. Sure someone can run along the side of you holding the handlebars until you get the hang of it but they can't keep holding you up forever. You have to learn to pedal and balance in order to move forward alone. This is what self love and self esteem does. The crowd may be beautiful but their love is no longer needed. If they give it, wonderful. If they don't, still it is wonderful. It does not matter because you are receiving your love from the source, the ocean of love within yourself. When you abide in that inner love, all external opinions of others are void.

Receive it!

Some people were taught to love themselves as children. Others were not treated very well. You can actually look at a person and see whether they have self esteem or self respect. Even if a person was raised in a negative environment with unloving parents or was picked on at school, its never too late to start feeling love within. At any moment, that awesome inner love can be turned on. There are people who walk around in a continuos euphoric state of bliss. They are immune to the negative opinions of others. The foundation of this inner ecstasy cannot be removed by others. This can be done without drugs or other substances. It only requires the know-how.

The Ocean of Love

Are you ready to feel ecstatic? This is all you need to do. Sit in a chair or lie down on a bed. Close your eyes and relax. Start feeling the highest possible love for yourself. Let go of all past mistakes or opinions of yourself from others or yourself. This love must be unconditional. Stay in this moment. Fill your entire being with love from your heart. You should start feeling a warm inner glow. Let that love expand and fill up the entire room. You should feel totally intoxicated with this inner love. Now you are in the ocean of love. It is the deepest love. Rest in it for as long as you like. When you come back to your normal state of mind remember that feeling. That is how you should feel about yourself at all times.

You Have Changed!

Don't be surprised when people are drawn to you. They will sense something extraordinary about your presence. Your aura will have a strange glow that they cannot comprehend. It's ok to accept their amazement and kindness but never forget the source. The center of love within you must be maintained. Keep increasing that love for yourself everyday. Anytime you feel unhappy it is a sure sign that you have left the ocean of love. Just have a good laugh and return to that inner ocean of love. You can't love yourself and be unhappy at the same time. Make the choice to love yourself again whenever you forget and all will be well with you.


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    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      I say to love yourself is to know yourself

    • Dolores Monet profile image

      Dolores Monet 7 years ago from East Coast, United States

      Sri - you made a comment about loving ourselves on a hub I wrote about self esteem and I disagreed with you. But I think that I was not understanding what you said. Reading this, I see your point. If you don't love yourself, you are not really much good to anyone else. Dwelling on negative thoughts is poisonous.