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Self Hate

Updated on October 16, 2015

For years I tore me down and put myself in different situations that was bad for me even though I knew better. I broke me down time after time and didn't shed one tear. The people closes to me never knew I was on a road to destruction cause I never showed the pain I was in or gave them any idea. I broke my own spirit and did it for so long not caring cause I hated myself that much. It made me strong but I fought hard against myself that's why I'm not scared of anyone else cause they can never do to me what I have done. Now I'm tired, beaten and battered with no help feeling like I'm done torturing myself. but it's been so long and so many scars to heal that it may take a life time to even get one done. But I got to on the road to getting better no matter what it takes I see I'm going nowhere fast. Time to shake it off and walk it off. Help the spirit I broken and get back on track.


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