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Self Healing Belief System

Updated on January 10, 2018

Research and Findings

I have been working in the field of clinical psychology over the past thirty eight years and doing research over the past nine years in the area of Wellness and Self Healing.I have talked with many people and read about many other people who have experienced Spontaneous Remissions and near death experiences. There seems to be some common threads amongst them all.

First, in the Spontaneous Remission cases a lot of that is just science and that there is a very small percentage of the population with certain diseases that will just get well and recover. For an example lets say less than one and one half percent will recover and it is just a probability that occurs. No magic.

In the cases of near death experiences the findings are different. When you talk to these people there are some commonalities. For instance, they seem to agree that there is a presence in each one of them that is a greater power that may have had something to do with their creation. Secondly, they have a belief system that say no matter what the odds I can get well. Thirdly, they may not be the best population to believe in traditional medicine and willing to look at alternative treatments if necessary.

Here's how I think it works. I believe that disease is not the direct result of genes but rather it's perception and environment. We grow up in families that lets say has a history of diabetes. We see and watch and listen to the family interact about the disease and how they are willing to treat it or not and the course they wish to take in getting well. Their views and values may be very positive in the recovery process or the direct opposite and resistive.

Well as small children and young kids growing up in this environment we formulate that its a real possibility I may too acquire this disease since it runs in the family, as I was told, and I will follow the same course of treatment my family did. The end result or the outcome was observed and left a lasting impression to the child that this is what happens, be it hospitalization and death or a lasting recovery.

The child has a perception of the disease and outcome. They take this into their adult lives and along with many of the other daily stresses of life they subconsciously live in a state of survival. Because of the constant release of the stress hormones, cortisol and adrenaline, their immune system starts to weaken and disease, trauma, or diagnosis will find them.

It is here where we find Neuroscience and the ability of humans to self heal. If we can erase the old thoughts, perceptions, emotions, and environmental cues that we grew up with there then becomes a possibility to have new thoughts that make new neuron connections to stop the firing of stress hormones and the elimination of disease in our lives.

This model, as you are now understanding suggests that disease is not the result of genes. The power of thought and our belief system plays a huge role in the acquiring and the healing.

© 2018 John Zegar


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