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Self Hypnosis For Hyperhidrosis

Updated on November 4, 2007
One way to stop excessive sweating is through visualization.
One way to stop excessive sweating is through visualization.

Please do not use this article in place of a qualified doctor's advice.

Hyperhidrosis is a mysterious condition where you sweat buckets for no known reason at all. No matter what your age, sex, race or how hot it is outside, you just spontaneously start sweating from your scalp, armpits, palms and/or soles. This leaves your clothes constantly moist, stained and smelly. This is an embarrassing condition that affects about one in one hundred people. One of the treatments for hyperhidrosis is hypnosis from a liscened hypnotherapist or self-hypnosis.

See Your Doctor

There are two kinds of hyperhydrosis - primary hyperhidrosis and secondary hyperhidrosis. Secondary hyperhydrosis is when you sweat unpredictably because of a reaction to a drug or an illness. You cannot really treat secondary hyperhidrosis with hypnosis. But you can treat primary hyperhidrosis with hypnosis, self-hypnosis and your conventional doctor.

Primary hyperhydrosis tends to start at puberty and continue for life. But no matter when you start suddenly sweating for no reason at all, you should go to see your doctor to be sure of a correct diagnosis. Hyperhydrosis also can be a symptom for more serious diseases like nerve damage or polycystic ovarian disorder.

Why Hypnosis?

Why does hyperhidrosis sometimes respond to hypnosis? We really don't know for sure, but there are some theories. We don't even know why people get primary hyperhidrosis. But sweating is an unconscious process controlled by the sympathetic nervous system. Often in healthy people, a trigger for sweating is stress. Stress may also play a role in hyperhydrosis. Hypnosis has been proven to help people handle their stress, so if you can handle your stress better, you may control one of the major reasons why you sweat so much.

You can go to a licensed hypnotherapist or you can try self hypnosis, through the use of self-hypnosis CDs or tapes. Some people prefer letting a professional hypnotherapist guide their imagery and plant subliminal suggestions in their minds. All they have to do is show up and relax. Your doctor or dermatologist should be able to help you find a licensed hypnotherapist. Check with your health insurance to see if treating hyperhidrosis with hypnosis is covered by your plan. You will probably need several sessions, but each patient is different.

What Hypnosis Does

In treating hyperhydrosis with hypnosis, the patient is put into a very relaxed state - the state your brain goes into before you fall asleep. This is when the subconscious mind is most open to suggestion. Here the hypnotherapist or yourself can suggest an affirmation like "I feel great" or "I feel cold". Another suggestion can be to, whenever you go out in public, imagine yourself constantly inside a swirl of cool air. Imagine it so strongly that you can taste the cold. This strong imagination is called visulaization.

So, when you are about to do an activity that you know will make you sweat, your subconscious will call up your affirmations or visualizations to help you relax.

There has not been much scientific study on the effects of treating hyperhidrosis with hypnosis, so the results vary from patient to patient. But when even surgical removal of your sweat glands is only a 50/50 chance of getting rid of hyperhidrosis, you want to try every natural treatment possible to reduce the need for being cut open.

Although I do not have hyperhidrosis, I have worked with several employees that do. I have never been appalled at the sweating. In fact, I was impressed by their ability to still do a day's work even when they sweat.

So, if have hyperhidrosis and think is everyone is staring at you, we're not. We have problems of our own that we think everyone is staring at us for! This visualization of being accepted even though you sweat may also help you to relax and help any medical treatments you may be on to work better.

Use self hypnosis in conjunction with doctor's treatment for hyperhidrosis.


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  • RenaSherwood profile imageAUTHOR


    11 years ago

    Ahh, you make me blush :-)

  • Michele Engholm profile image

    Michele Engholm 

    11 years ago from Hutchinson

    Excellent hub Rena!


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