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Self Hypnosis Induction: How to Hypnotize Yourself

Updated on July 15, 2013

Knowing how to hypnotize yourself is one of the best things you can do to improve. Hypnosis is definitely the best and fastest way to access and use the powers of the Subconscious Mind and the wonderful thing is that it's not that difficult. There are many Self Hypnosis techniques around, some easy, some others pretty complicated, this is mine.

How to Hypnotize Yourself Step by Step

This is an induction fast, effective, easy to remember and that everyone can use. It doesn't really matter if you are someone who uses more his sight, hearing or touch. It will work well anyway.

That's why I use breath as the main focus of this Self Hypnosis Technique: everyone breaths, there is no need to visualize anything to breath, it's the most natural act and breathing links together both the Conscious and the Subconscious Mind.

The goal of the Hypnosis Induction:

Induction means the process by which we arrive at a state of trance. Trance is when we are deeply relaxed and somehow not focused on the outside world but focused inside, even if at all times aware of what's happening around.

The goal is to communicate with our Command Center which is easily done while in trance.

There is a place in the subconscious mind that manages everything about ourselves, knows everything about what we've done since our birth, everything we've learned, everything about our body and our mind. Everything.

Being able to communicate with this part of our mind gives us the ability to improve our well-being, our abilities, to improve our life. That is through various Self Hypnosis techniques we are able to use the mind as a whole and to use our mind power. The Conscious Mind directs the enormous powers of the Subconscious to achieve a result; of course for this to happen they must be both in agreement that the goal is reasonable and really important.

Both the Conscious and the Subconscious Mind main goal is to keep us alive. Through years the Subconscious has absorbed very clear ideas about what's useful or not, what's needed or not, what's important or not. And without really good reasons it won't change its mind; he has to protect us at all cost, even if this means going against our momentary will. This is why habits are so difficult to change, if the Subconscious has accepted them as good directives it won't abandon them unless the Conscious Mind gives good reasons and a better directive.

This is why you should learn how to hypnotize yourself if you want to bring positive changes in your life.

E.g. when you were a child you've been bitten by a dog. Today anytime you approach a dog you get scared and ready to move away. You know he's a different dog, you know many years have gone, you know you are now adult and even that the dog has a leash, nevertheless you still "know" that being very careful about dogs is a good directive. Btw this is a psychological procedure called Generalization and we developed it to avoid being bitten anytime by a different lion in prehistory to learn that they can be all dangerous.

To sum up for Self Hypnosis to be effective both the Conscious and the Subconscious Mind must agree that the new directive to be used or the goal to achieve are reasonable, really important and would make our life better or easier.

That is you can use Self Hypnosis techniques everyday but you will never be able to fly on your own, while at the same time you can improve your sight quite soon.

How to Hypnotize Yourself Instructions:

  1. Find a place where you won't be disturbed for twenty minutes, half an hour.
  2. Have a comfortable place to stay, sitting, lying, as you wish.
  3. You have always total control on yourself, if anything happens you've just to open your eyes and deal confidently with it.
  4. The worst thing that can happen is that you fall asleep.
  5. Breath using your belly. That is while breathing your belly has to move, not your lungs. Place a hand on your belly and try it now.
  6. If you are not good, as I am, at visualizing images don't worry as imagining them is as much effective.
  7. One issue at a time, I would advise to solve one before going to another.

Remember that the more you practice the better the communication the easier to enter a trance. After performing Self Hypnosis techniques for a while communication becomes easy even without entering the trance state, that is at our normal level of consciousness.

If you have any doubt about your health consult your doctor before doing Hypnosis.

Hypnotize Yourself Step by Step:

  1. Make yourself comfortable.
  2. Take a deep breath and as you exhale just allow your eyelids to close as you begin to relax.
  3. Concentrate on your breathing and imagine that with every breath that you take you breath in calmness and breath out tensions. And that with every breath that you take you become just a little bit more relaxed. (Say Relax mentally as you breath out)
  4. Scan through your body from feet to the top of your head and check if there is any tension. Go on breathing and saying mentally Relax until you feel completely relaxed.(Take from five to ten breaths)
  5. Now take ten more breaths counting (mentally) from 10 to 1 and feeling even more relaxed with every breath. At 1 you are as much relaxed as you can be today.
  6. Now remember/imagine a time and place where you were completely relaxed, safe and happy.
  7. Imagine that in this place you are able to talk to the Subconscious, to that part of your mind who knows Everything about your body and your mind.
  8. Imagine that what you decide here and is agreed upon will take place in real life.
  9. State that every decision is to be taken for your higher good. That once taken it will start immediately to have effect and that only you can give or modify directives.
  10. Greet the Subconscious.
  11. Take five breaths counting from 1 to 5 and at 5 open your eyes back to full cosciousness.
  12. Enjoy the feeling of calmness and relaxation.

End of the Hypnosis session.


  • 10 BREATHS 10 TO 1
  • BREATH 1 TO 5


This is how you can hypnotize yourself easily and safely. Hypnosis is a wonderful tool and it's the best way to work with the Subconscious Mind. The fastest, safest way to use the Mind power completely, or as completely as possible. Now practice and practice until you get proficient and a new world of possibilities will open soon. If you can use the Subconscious then there is very little that you can't achieve.

What do you think of this article on self Hypnosis techniques?


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA.


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  • scraw profile image

    sean crawford 

    5 years ago from los angeles

    Hello, I have begun self hypnosis training myself. I feel that before putting someone else into a trance, it is best to understand how it feels first. I recorded an induction i read out of an ebook onto my Mp3 player. When im ready to begin a session, i just hook up my earphones and play it back. im glad you are sharing this induction method of yours. many people are still skeptical.

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    This is very interesting - I'm glad to know that some people still believe in hypnosis.

    I took many course and i can tell you that hypnosis really work! Thank you for the article.

    For those interesting in more advanced training, i strongly recommand this school in Montréal:

    Thank again!


  • fundamentallife profile image


    8 years ago

    Rated up and useful. For anyone new reading this article, try the exercises - even if you are just curious or don't believe in this stuff. If you struggle to relax, and if you follow this to the 'tee' you really enjoy what you will discover.

    I haven't used self hypnosis for a few years, but when I needed it, it changed my life. After a near fatal car crash, I was unable to sleep more than an hour at a time for over a year! By doing self hypnosis exercises, I literally 'buried' this problem and now sleep like a baby.

  • hypnodude profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Italy

    Thanks Support Med, followers like you, even if no one is like you, are the reason why writing and sharing knowledge on HubPages is such a great thing. Thanks. :)

  • Support Med. profile image

    Support Med. 

    8 years ago from Michigan

    After reading this time, found a wealth of information I did not see the first time; things are clearer now. Thanks for your giving and sharing. Voted-up/rated!

  • hypnodude profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Italy

    Thanks Support Med, glad you appreciated it and took the time to leave a comment. And a rating. ;) Have a great day!

  • Support Med. profile image

    Support Med. 

    8 years ago from Michigan

    Straight and to the point, easy to understand. Rated up!

  • hypnodude profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Italy

    Hi Pollyannalana, nice to meet you. Thanks for coming and commenting. Let me know how it works. :)

  • Pollyannalana profile image


    8 years ago from US

    Sounds like its worth a try, I will give it a try.

  • hypnodude profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Italy

    Hi Al, thank you very much, also for your toes up :) I'm glad for your appreciation, and having read some of your hubs I have to say that they are pretty good too. Have a great day!

  • Mystique1957 profile image


    8 years ago from Caracas-Venezuela

    Well, Yeah! It`s me again!

    I am really into this! You`ve provided easy to follow instructions and that is the best way to deal with it!

    Thank You very much!

    Great hub!

    Thumbs and Toes up!

    Cordiali saluti e benedizioni!


  • hypnodude profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Italy

    :) Thanks VioletSun, you're really making today a great day for me. My father had similar experience with dogs, and I'll deal with phobias/fears soon. Thanks for using the anchor exercise, I'm sure it will work well. Good night and have a great day! :) I'm happy you appreciate this hub.

  • VioletSun profile image


    8 years ago from Oregon/ Name: Marie

    Couldn't resist, and read this hub before going to sleep. This is really clear, will try it! By the way, I did the anchoring exercises you wrote in your latest hub, followed instructions to the letter. :) I know I was guided to your hubs- it is interesting you mention a fear of dogs as an example, and I have a fear of dogs based on stressful experiences as a kid around animals.

    Another thumbs up!

  • hypnodude profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Italy

    Hi misty, you're right, and not only it's good, it works quite well too. I mean it's truly effective, even as simply a form of relaxation. Please let me know how it goes, I like receiving feedback. Thanks for your appreciation.

  • mistyhorizon2003 profile image

    Cindy Lawson 

    8 years ago from Guernsey (Channel Islands)

    I shall be trying this hypnodude, it sounds as if it can almost double as a form of meditation, and that must be good! Thanks

  • hypnodude profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Italy

    I'm glad you appreciate it prasetio. There are some more to come soon, which I hope will be good too. :)

    Thanks for your comment.

  • prasetio30 profile image


    8 years ago from malang-indonesia

    You have great information here. I like to learn about hypnosis. I'll bookmark this one. thanks

  • hypnodude profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Italy

    Sometimes I'd like my English to be better as I'd like to be able to say more than thanks for your comment. I know what to say but I'm not able to express it. Thanks Kirsten, I'll follow yours and Maita advice and go on with summaries. Thanks for your kind words. :)

  • kirstenblog profile image


    8 years ago from London UK

    This is a very thorough introduction of self hypnosis. I agree with Maita that a quick summary for each point makes it a clear and easy read. You have quite a number of good articles on hypnosis and hope your readers will think about giving them all a read.

  • hypnodude profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Italy

    Thank you very much. Self hypnosis is a wonderful tool, if used in the right way, and it's also quite cheap. Once learned it can be applied to a lot of things. But more than anything else increasing our communication between conscious and subconscious it opens a completely new world.

  • mynameisnotpaul profile image


    8 years ago from Kentuckeh'

    This stuff is quite interesting! I've never really read much about hypnosis, but it's starting to catch my eye a lot more! Nice hub!

  • hypnodude profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Italy

    Thanks Lady_E and prettydarkhorse. Your kind words make me really happy. It's thanks to fellow hubbers like you if I've had the honor to land on the HP homepage. And also your early encouragement, together with kirstenblog. So it's your merit, or fault? :)

    Thanks again and Happy New Year (Buon Anno)!

  • prettydarkhorse profile image


    8 years ago from US

    very cool, and I like the way you write because you summarize at every point too, Maita

  • Lady_E profile image


    8 years ago from London, UK

    This is very interesting - I have to read it again, so have book marked it. It sort of has an element of spirituality to it.

    It was lovely to see your Psychic Hub Featured on HP homepage a few times - well done.

    Buon Anno!

  • hypnodude profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Italy

    Thanks William. If you use it let me know how it goes.

  • William R. Wilson profile image

    William R. Wilson 

    8 years ago from Knoxville, TN

    Very cool.


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