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Self Hypnosis With Quantum Leaping

Updated on December 29, 2011

Seven Steps to Change

With self hypnosis you can easily plant suggestions into your subconscious, in order to change outward behavior. Your personality will effect whether this method can be very effective or not at all. If you are willing to try and put effort into self hypnosis, you will have better success than someone who is skeptical and not willing to fully relax or give themselves into the process. You should allow yourself a minimum of six sessions before you decide it is not working.

Quantum Leaping is somewhat similar to self hypnosis. The person imagines themselves as someone else, someone they want to be, and they "jump" into this idealized person of themselves, finding inspiration, discovering information about this new person, and finally returning to their natural state with the new found knowledge embedded into the subconscious. The theory is that there are infinite dimensions; in each dimension you are playing the role of someone new. If you want to be a champion chess player, somewhere in the universe a dimension of you is a famous chess player. You would then "leap" into this other version of you so you can gain further understanding.

Leaping is fun and if done correctly, you can really see some interesting results.

Self hypnosis and quantum leaping are very similar since both require some imagination, relaxation, and are done for the purposes of changing behavior in some way. They are basically the same thing using different methods to obtain desired change.

In order to "jump" into the new you, you should use these seven steps:

1) You will need to plan your trip. This is the first step to anything that involves self-hypnosis. What is the goal? Let us say you are interested in becoming a great pianist. Obviously you will need to take many physical steps in order to accomplish this goal like taking piano lessons but, what if you could speed the process up using your mind? For quantum leaping, you will want to jump into the "you" that is already the pianist. Somewhere in the universe there is already a "you" that is a pianist. This is the "one" you want to jump into.

2) Relax. Lie down or sit up; it does not matter, only that you are comfortable. Allow yourself to relax completely. You can count backwards if you like.

3) Imagine a door in front of you. This can be an elevator door, a regular door, a revolving door, anything you choose. Be creative and visualize. Get in the practice of bringing as many details as possible to create a scene in your mind. Don't worry if this process seems difficult. You may just have to pretend and go through the motions a few times. Visualize yourself walking through that door. Imagine a room or a small closet, something that will teleport you to the pianist "you." Again, try and fill in as many different details as you can.

4) Press a button; say a command; type a command, etc. Whatever room you decide to enter, there must be a way for you to demand that you be taken to the "you" who is a great pianist. For example, you can picture yourself in a big room that has a place where you can stand and with a command of pushing a button, the floor drops out and transfers you. Use a command like, "I would like to visit the version of me who is a concert pianist."

5) Imagine standing in front of the great pianist "you" Freeze yourself. Walk up to this pianist that is every bit like you and imagine yourself melding into this new you. There are many options here you can try. The easiest way is to walk up from behind and step into the idealized version of you. Take note of how your body feels when doing this. Notice your hands become their hands, their mind becomes your mind, etc. Now you are one with each other.

6) Once you have entered into the "improved you," you can now feel the differences. Try and capture what it feels like to be a great pianist or whatever version applies to you. Take time to really think about this. Imagine what it is like to be this ideal you. Think about it. If you were this idealized self, how would that change your feelings? Your actions? Is this something you want to feel? Does if feel great? Do you feel empowered? Are you happy, sad, or indifferent? Many times we may not know what we want until we really walk in the shoes of who we strive to be. Quantum leaping can help you get in touch with who you want to be. Ask yourself some questions. Ask what the next step is you need to take. Try and get some advise. Take as much time as you like so that you can embrace this experience fully.

7) Slowly count from 1 to 10 and on each number, slowly wake up. Stretch, relax, and just breathe. Do some quick reflection on your session. It's not a good idea to just get up and go about your day. You want to take some time to pause and really think about your session.

With these steps and some consistency, you will finally begin to see several changes in your life. You will want to strive to be the person you are telling yourself you are.


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    • Peter Geekie profile image

      Peter Geekie 

      5 years ago from Sittingbourne

      Dear tuesday75

      Thank you for a fascinating article. I must read it over a few times before attempting to practice.

      I will let you know what I achieve

      Voted up, awesome and beautiful.

      Kind regards Peter

    • rasta1 profile image

      Marvin Parke 

      7 years ago from Jamaica

      This is very true. There are other methods of accomplishing quantum leaps. This method is fine.


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