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Tips to Reduce Stress in Life

Updated on November 24, 2013

We are all stressed!

Let's face it. We all get stressed, we all get upset. It is a part of our daily lives. I would like to share you with some advice that I have received through my own life experience. These are things that I have learned and have changed my life for the better. Change does not come easy, and it does take time. But by implementing these things into our lives, we can become happier and live a little easier.

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Change the way you think.

Changing our lives means changing our way of thinking. If we allow ourselves to dwell on things then we will always be upset, sad, angry or what ever your emotion is about the situation. I have learned that once something is done, it is done. Nothing can change that fact. So if we allow ourselves to be upset over something for a long period of time, the only achievement we are reaching is stress. Think about it. Will being upset or angry really change the situation? No it will not. But if we think positive it will allow us the time and energy we need in order to proceed to the next level, to heal and to move on.

I have mentioned in some of my other articles that I believe that everything happens for a reason. I really do. We might not know why things happen, or what place they have in our lives but they mean something. Bad things that happen are actually tools and lessons given to us so that we are able to grow and learn. If things always went the way we want them to go then we would never appreciate anything. We would never learn anything new and we would not be as strong as we are.

Becoming Stronger

Sometimes we are in a relationship and we are really in love. At first things go great, as the years go by things start to fall apart. You fight, argue, do not see eye to eye. You really do not want to spit up because you know that the relationship has a lot of potential, but it happens. You break up. You are devastated and can't understand why you could not work it out. You sulk and dwell for a long time. Weeks or even months pass and then things seem to get a little better. Your mind is clearer and you start learning about yourself and you start to figure out what things you could change in order for the problems you encountered do not repeat themselves in the future. Before you know it, you are talking to your ex again and are getting back together. This time you have a new perspective and your relationship becomes even stronger than it was before.

Or in another situation, when your mind becomes clear, you start to understand that maybe that person was not giving you what you wanted or needed, you have learned things about yourself and are ready to move on to meet the person of your dreams. You meet the next person, fall in love and get married. Or maybe even the next relationship is not the one in which you meet the person of your dreams but then again, maybe through that relationship you learned something different. Why waste all of your days on asking why? Instead ask yourself what you could do to make the next experience even better!

Which ever way it happened, you have grown, your bad situation has turned around and became good. So thought it is normal and totally ok to be upset, sad and to grieve, remember that there comes a point in which we must change the way we think. We must stop dwelling and think that there is something better about to arrive.

Fake your Happiness

I know there are days when we wake up and we feel that everything is just bad. We think that it will never get any better. We feel that change is impossible. That type of thinking can make for a bad day. Actually it will make for a bad day.

If you feel like this, try in your mind just saying something good is going to happen today. Say it over and over. I feel happy today. I know that things are bad, but it will only get better. After a while of saying this to yourself, you will start to feel better. We can trick our mind if we want to.

Have you ever in the morning just woke up with no motivation? I mean you are well enough to get up and get dressed and go to work, but you are just not feeling it today? You would rather stay in bed and relax. So you call in sick. You say that your stomach hurts and you have a headache. So you hang up with your boss and you lay in bed. And then by the end of the day, you are feeling really sick. Your stomach is hurting really bad, and you head is pounding. You are wondering how that happened. Are you psychic? Did you know that you were going to have a headache and a stomach ache? No, you tricked your mind into believing that so it happened. It works both ways!

So next time you are having a bad day, trick your mind. Fake your happiness and turn your day around.

Life Lessons

I just recently created a blog in which daily I post a message with a new life lesson. They talk about stress, love, forgiveness and anything you can do to make your life a little easier. You can view these tips here.

Remember that happiness comes from ourselves. Sure other people can help to make our day better, but we must feel good on the inside. Have you ever noticed that people who are always happy carry a confidence with them? You look at them and wonder how their life turned out so great. It seems as though those people always have good things going for them. Believe me, I am sure they have their own share of problems, but I am confident that they are not allowing their problems to run their lives. That is the difference.

So I will end with the title of an old song - "Don't worry, be happy"!


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