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Self Improvement–Building Your Self Esteem

Updated on October 24, 2012

Maintaining your self esteem is a challenge especially in harsh environments. However there are some tips that will guide you when beginning the self improvement process. There are a number of websites that you can use to read information about self-improvement. All of us need to improve ourselves.

There are many ways we can improve ourselves. It only depends on what you want to improve about yourself. If you want to advance your career, then you should advance your education. If it is your marriage relationship you want to improve, then you should learn and practice things that will make your relationship to be good.

What do you want to improve about yourself? Do you have the will power to do so? At least we all have goals to achieve in life. We have got our own version of American dream which we are pursuing. Without self-esteem you will find it difficult to make your dream come true. You must have self-esteem to achieve your goals that you have set to achieve.

You should not procrastinate nor let anything hold you in pursuing your dream.

6 Tips to Improve Your Self-Esteem

1.) Negative Work Environment

Everybody wants to be the best. This is what makes non-appreciative people successful. Even if you work without eating, people will not appreciate your efforts. Avoid working so hard if no one appreciates your efforts because this will ruin your personality. You should only compete in a fair atmosphere.

2.) Other People's Behavior

There are some people who will be a big threat to your mission. Such people include whiners, snipers and back-stabber. Do not pay attention to such people.

3.) Changing the Environment

Our views are usually challenged by changes. It is a measure of our adaptability and flexibility. At first, the changes will make life difficult but with time they are able to build us. Changes are immortal we therefore have to adapt to them.

4.) Past Experience

There is nothing wrong with crying when life gets unbearable. However, the pain should not turn into fear. We should be able to learn from the mistakes and failures of the past. Let your failures make you stronger by learning from them and not repeating them.

5.) Negative World View

Strive to achieve your goals. Negative thoughts and views of the world should not affect your mission. Building self-esteem is about making the best out of awkward situations.

6.) Determination Theory

Your upbringing, your inherited traits, the economy, your friends and the environmental surroundings are the factors that determine your behavioral traits when combined. You are therefore different from your parents. For example, if your parent or sibling is a failure, that is not an excuse to be a failure also. Learning from the mistakes other people make will help you avoid repeating the same mistake.

At times you may find yourself wondering whether people are born successful, lucky or they work hard to attain success. The truth is that having a positive attitude is a choice you make and it greatly influences your success. Success is neither a talent nor luck but it is about being persistence, disciplined, working hard and doing all it takes to be successful. Bear in mind that God has nothing to do with your negative attitude.

It is not easy to stick by your principles especially when everything is not working your way. We should be well prepared with the best solutions. Our way of thinking, behavior and attitude are also changed by Self Change.

Self improvement is the fruit of building your self esteem. This is a good step that will help you control your mission, discipline and values. Self–esteem brings about determination. Once an opportunity arises get the best from it. Before you start the journey of self improvement you have to be appreciative, happy and positive.


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    • Nyamache profile image

      Joshua Nyamache 5 years ago from Kenya

      @S-sforex, "It is not easy to stick by your principles especially when everything is not working your way." At this point one should find out why things are not working the way he/she expects. This way that person will be able to come up with new ideas that will bring a positive change.

    • s-sforex profile image

      s-sforex 5 years ago from Bihar Sharif

      Very nice and innocently written hub.

      I like much ur two lines.

      Success is neither a talent nor luck but it is about being persistence, disciplined, working hard and doing all it takes to be successful.

      It is not easy to stick by your principles especially when everything is not working your way.


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