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Self Worth. Where's Yours?

Updated on July 13, 2013

These .......... Can't hold me down

Keeping one's self worth, self esteem balanced is a task none of us are free from. Each and every day we are faced with all types of challenges, good and bad that have the ability to impact this emotion. Some of us are aware of this but most don't realize just how much external objects and people impact our value of self. There is nothing wrong with the environment having an affect, that's one sure sign there is life in you.

As a Black woman I am beginning to think that self esteem, self worth is tremendously lacking in my people. There is no equilibrium. Too much envy and not enough value of self is hindering African American success as a whole. Even the millionaires, billionaires that appear to have it all and look happy on the outside struggle internally. I think this is the reason Black men and women are not moving forward enough, still, even though the key to happiness and success starts with self. And you already have it.

You must teach yourself about past and present issues. Learn your ancestry. We didn't evolve from slavery. It happened but again, that's not our beginning. That should not be the first thing that comes to mind when Black history is spoken of. The public even private education that is offered doesn't tell the entire truth. They don't want you to know that Daniel Hale was the first Black man to perform open heart surgery. The books won't tell you about the milestones Black women have made in many professions. Hell, music literature doesn't even tell you that Elvis learned his moves and had a successful career off the style of a Black women, Rosetta Tharpe. Do you know her? I can't give a full history lesson here, but research your history. There is someone out there that wants you to keep a mentality that is low is in self worth but high in envy. This gives others amunition to continue to say Black people are unintelligent, below average in academic and professional areas compared to all others. They won't even tell you that more Black men are actually going to college and making an effort to change stereotypes. Instead, there are reports, documentaries and such on the smaller percentage that is creating chaos and poof, there's the enitre Black race based on the actions of a few. Whether someone stumbled upon Africa or Africa stumbled upon another piece of land, our ability to acquire knowledge is astonishing only, we can't see it. You must speak up. Those slave days are long gone. The assholes are still around but you are here, make your presence.

Nathaniel Branden says "self esteem truly realized is the experience that you are appropriate to life and the requirements of life...self esteem is confidence in your ability to think; confidence in your ability to cope with the basic challenges of life and confidence in your right to be happy, the feeling of being worthy, deserving, entitled to assertion, needs and wants, achieve our values and enjoy the fruits of our efforts...without it (self esteem) people feel powerless, victim like/prone, inferior.."

No one is immune to the highs and lows of self esteem, that comes with life. The task is to get to the point where you are entirely comfortable within your skin. You are better than the ornery individual who tells you otherwise. I do believe we actually call them Haters. It's envy but, because of history and present day issues many Black men and women allow it (envy) to pull them down, misbehave, feeding into a lower sense of self. Speak up and speak loud. Don't just go hard on your brothers and sisters, go hard, intellectually, on the others who tell you you can't do certain things because they dont think your good or capable enough. So what if you have to repeat, be heard and be superior. Get your self esteem/worth in check and I'll bet you won't want to go unheard, unnoticed again.


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