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Self: Your Best Butt Fast- A review

Updated on April 21, 2012

I recently decided to start trying out and reviewing workout DVDs. This is the first one and I hope to continue doing these. There are a lot of bad workouts out there. There are ones that are hard to follow or the ones that just don't feel like a workout. I am hoping to help you avoid the bad workouts and find the best ones out there. Let's get fit without wasting time and money!


Violet is soft-spoken and pleasant. There is no shouting here, all positive reinforcement. She opens with a description of what muscles you'll be working and what the workout segments will be like. She seems knowledgeable and ready to help you get your best butt fast!

The Workout

Accessories needed

- A yoga mat

- Hand wieghts

- Sneakers

I love any fitness dvd that does not require a lot of equipment and this one is good in that respect. A yoga mat and hand weights are the basic tools that most workout dvds require.

The warm up

- Lots of marching and arm pumping.

- Steps, squats and hops with a few jumping jacks mixed in

The warm-up is aerobic and reminds me of those old school workouts with a touch of dance inspired movements. It does get you warmed up and ready to move on to the next segment. Some of the transitions from one move to the next aren't as clearly defined or announced as I usually like them to be but if it's a workout you use a lot it won't matter. You can also watch this prior to the first time you use it to help yourself know the transitions without becoming frustrated.

Kick Boxing

- This segment starts slow with toe taps and gradually moves you into compound moves.

- Kicking, toe taps, jumping jacks and jump rope movements fill the reps of this segment

- Lots of marching during the recovery breaks

This segment requires a certain level of coordination to successfully complete. I am not the most coordinated person but was still able to complete this segment. This segment will have you sweating if you are able to keep up. Again the instructor isn't great about letting you know what's about to happen before the reps begin.

Weight training

- Using the hand weights you do a series of squats, lunges, leg lifts, and hopping squats

- The pulsing movements use quick repeats of lunge and squat movements to really make you feel the burn!

Weight training is always my favorite part of a workout as this is generally where I feel the workout the most. This is true of this dvd! If you don't feel like you're working hard during this segment than you are a very experienced, fit person!

Dance Inspired Moves

- Consists of basic dance-inspired moves to work those glutes and thighs

- Sumo-like squats, toe lifts,

- Again the pulse movements are used to really make you feel the workout

I was actually surprised how much these simple moves effected me. By the end of this segment my thighs were definitely feeling it! I think the instructor was better at leading you throughout this segment, although it could just be the simplicity of the movements, but either way it was easy to follow and gave a good workout.

Yoga Movements

- Here you find some downward facing dog, warrior pose, and various other yoga-inspired moves to gently work those thighs and glutes

- This segment is very easy to follow and again more of a workout than I expected

Violet slowly leads you through these yoga inspired moves, preparing you for the end of the workout but still helping you tone your legs and glutes. You will still be able to feel these moves toning and stretching the targeted areas.

Cool Down

- A great mix of cool down stretches that help finish off the workout

I think this is a really good cool down routine that could be adapted into and everyday routine. It loosens all the muscles you've worked and just makes you feel great.

Bonus Ab Workout

- Mixes various crunch-style moves to make your abs burn!

This is a five minute bonus workout focusing on your abs. Violet really gives you a great ab workout in this short amount of time and follows it up with some stretches to release any tension you have afterwards. If you get this dvd do not pass this bonus feature up, it's a great way to work your abs in a very quick and direct workout.


Overall I found this workout to be challenging enough to continue using in a fitness routine if you are not looking for a hard, taxing workout. If you are more advanced you should not waste your time and money on this dvd. For beginners though, this workout offers a great starting point that will challenge you and give you a good workout. The bonus ab workout is great for any level as it's basic ab moves that will always have an effect on those abdominal muscles.

This is not going to be added to my absolute favorites list since it did not get me the level of workout that I like to have in a 45 minute fitness session. For me to enjoy this enough to use more often it would need more cardio and strength training. That being said, I should also mention that I am not a fan of kick boxing, although I do admit that there are many benefits gained from these movements. Kick boxing provides great combo movements while keeping your heart rate up to burn more calories, it's just not my cup of tea.

So beginners should give this workout a shot! However, more advanced levels shouldn't waste their time or money trying this one out.


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    • kashmir56 profile image

      Thomas Silvia 

      6 years ago from Massachusetts

      Hi my friend, great review on this workout DVD you have done a awesome job writing this hub .

      Vote up and more !!!


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