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Self-confidence: Secret of success. part-II

Updated on September 26, 2011

Patience, motivation and will power: Gaining self-confidence is not a one day effort. You have to struggle for days, with lot of patience. To gain self-confidence one must have a lot of patience. Try to motivate yourself, and be honest in your efforts. As said earlier, write down one a paper what you want to be and read it daily. Take them as your targets which you want to achieve. Try to achieve your targets sincerely. Sit in a comfortable position and try to relax. Now, imagine how your life would be when you are confident. There are many ways to motivate ourselves. Go to a library or a book shop and buy some books on ‘self-help’, or read some magazines which give you an inspiration. One needs to have a strong will power to gain self confidence.

Forgiveness: Never criticize anyone. Forgive their mistakes with a big heart. Don’t blame others for your mistakes. Make a list of people by whom you were hurt. Write that how they had hurt you. Now, write on the same paper that you have forgiven them. Forgive yourself for the mistake you did in your past life. Past is always past. Try to forget the past and start living in your present. Never worry about the future.

Avoid negative thoughts: Try to avoid negative thoughts in your mind. To avoid negative thoughts you have to do some workout. Firstly, write some thoughts which you feel are positive. Read your mind, and concentrate on your thoughts. If you feel your thoughts to be negative, then immediately control your thoughts and convert them in to positive thoughts. For example, If you are thinking that you don’t get good marks in your final exam, control your thoughts and think that you will get good marks in your exam, and you’ll put all the efforts to get good marks. There is a lot of power in the word ‘YES’. Use this word as much as possible, like; “Yes, I can do it”. Write in big letters and stick on a wall in your room. Name the wall as “Wall of Confidence”. Write your targets in big letters and stick it on the wall of confidence. Look at the wall daily. If you get any negative thought strongly say ‘No’. There are many ways to control your thoughts. Try to use as many as positive words as possible, like; yes, good, beautiful, excellent, neat, thank you, love etc. Slowly you will gain self-confidence. As said above it can’t be achieved in a single day. With sincere efforts and patience, one day you will become a new person with all positive waves flowing in you.


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