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Sell Diabetic Test Strips

Updated on December 1, 2012

Why Sell Diabetic Test Strips

Diabetic test strips are crucial materials needed by anyone who checks their blood glucose levels manually. There are over 25 million diabetics in the US alone. If each person has to check their blood glucose multiple times per day (some up to 8 or 10 times), that adds up to quite a few test strips.

Diabetic test strips are carefully calibrated and are sensitive to light and moisture. They have a certain shelf life and will expire by the date provided on the box.

Due to the high amount needed by diabetics and how delicate and short of a life span they have, there is a great demand for test strips.

Many people have test strips given to them by their health insurance plan. The plan may specify that all diabetics should receive 12 strips per day, but their primary care physician only requires 6 tests per day (this is an example only). In this case, the patient has twice as many strips as are needed. This is a perfect scenario to sell test strips.

As a diabetic with too many strips, you can contact wholesalers across the country who can assist you in selling your diabetic test strips in exchange for cash. This helps people who do not have access to health plans have a cheaper route to buy strips that they need. This benefits all who are involved since strips are not going to waste and the sellers get to keep a bit of the money they invested into their own health plan.

It truly is a win-win scenario and everyone with extra strips should try and sell diabetic test strips so that more people can have access to strips and be more aware of their current blood glucose level.

Diabetic Test Strips

Am I Allowed to Sell My Strips?

Many people ask if it is okay for them to sell their diabetic test strips.

The answer is yes, with a few qualifications.

1) You must own the strips originally. If you are not the owner of the strips originally, then it is not legal for you to sell them.

2) They must not be a federal benefit (Medicare/Medicaid). These federal programs prohibit resale of their benefits.

3) They must not be opened or expired. This is a good practice because opened or expired test strips may not perform to the original specifications set forth by the manufacturer. Misleading results from the test strips can lead to unknown glucose levels which can lead to health complications.

How do I Sell My Test Strips?

Contact one of the many groups out there looking for extra diabetic test strips and let them know:

1) What brand you have.

2) How many are in a box (50, 100)

3) What the expiration of each box is.

4) How many boxes you have total.

Most diabetic test strip buyers can quote you a price over the phone or email based on this information alone. Give it a try today and help someone in need!


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