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Senior Discount? Who? Me?!

Updated on June 25, 2017

The cashier asked if I qualified (think about that one for a minute!) for the senior discount. Not so bad, except I didn’t.

The next time I went into the same store a different cashier told me very cheerfully that she gave me “my discount” and smiled, as if I should thank her for it.

Granted, my 55th birthday was coming up, but still- can I enjoy my last four months of YOUTH in peace!

It was a funny story to tell all my friends, and I haven’t quit shopping the unnamed store, but the experience made me do some soul-searching. I felt I was at a crossroads and that I needed to decide what my “golden years” were going to look like . . . now! Perhaps you are at the same crossroads.

After some soul-searching, it didn't take long to decide I wanted to EMBRACE AGING, not fight it; after all, no one's won that battle!

Much of what I gleaned came from observing the gracious “golden” people in my own life, for whom I am very thankful. Also, from God’s Word, the source of all true wisdom, the gleaning never ends!

The principles distilled into this formula are not unique to the golden years, but they are particularly relevant.

Here are four ways to embrace aging:

Joy Is A Choice

Four Ways to Embrace Aging

1. See beauty and be GRATEFUL

Beauty is everywhere, all around us. Even in the ugly and the difficult, the wrinkles and the gray hairs; if we look hard and deep enough we'll see it. A thankful heart is a happy heart. I will choose to see beauty in others and myself, I will be grateful to the One who made it so, and I will be happy.

2. Laugh and have FUN!

It’s time to lighten up! Let's laugh at ourselves more and see the humor in this crazy, wonderful life of ours. Have fun now! No more “some day” I’ll go to Italy. (Whoops! Did I write that?) But if Italy's absolutely NOT going to happen, choose something that IS do-able and enjoy it thoroughly.

3. Help others along the way

Life is NOT a competition. Maybe you fought your way up the ladder of success, but perhaps it's time to think differently about each other. We’re all carrying burdens and have impediments, but I can help someone whose load is heavier than mine. Which, ironically, makes my load feel lighter.

4. Choose JOY

This is my greatest goal-- and my greatest challenge. But once it becomes clear that it IS a choice, why choose anything else?

Thriving As We Age


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