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Sensa Weight Loss Diet

Updated on May 2, 2011

Lose Weight With The Sensa Sprinkles

When it comes to losing weight, people will try just about anything. Sadly, more times than not, they do not find success with their chosen tactic. This could be due to many reasons. Some people find sticking to a diet to be too difficult, while others just pick a diet that doesn’t work, even if they do it correctly. The perfect diet would be one that doesn’t require you to change your eating habits, and won’t require you to exercise for four hours each day. I’m sure you are thinking that such a diet doesn’t exist. Well, meet the Sensa weight loss diet.

How it Works

The single weight loss solution on the market that doesn’t require a person to alter their diet is the Sensa weight loss diet. This product suppresses the appetite which aids people in dropping pounds by helping them eat less. The Sensa weight loss diet was created by a psychiatric specialist, authorized neurologist and founder of the STTRF (Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, Dr. Alan Hirsch.

The Sensa weight loss diet itself consists of small granules that Dr. Hirsch has named “Tastants.” The Tastants are sealed into two shakers, with one being intended for sweet foods, and the other intended for salty foods. The Sensa weight loss diet is much like using salt or pepper, as you just sprinkle it onto your food before you begin eating. You can continue eating your favorite foods, and lose weight in the process.

The Secret

The secret to the Sensa weight loss diet is that no changes are required to be made to a person’s diet when using the product. Instead of limiting the foods you can eat, the product is sprinkled onto the foods you already enjoy, and you feel full quickly. You will find yourself taking in fewer calories and less food, while not feeling like you are depriving yourself.

The sprinkles contained in the Sensa weight loss diet contain no MSG, calories or sugar. They have under a milligram of sodium, and are virtually tasteless. The Tastants are made from many FDA-approved items like phosphate, carmine, tricalcium, maltodextrin, silica, soy and milk.


Understanding how the Sensa weight loss diet works might seem a bit confusing at first. The product that you spread onto your food has a direct effect on your odor senses. The scent emitted travels from your nose to your tongue, and then to your brain. Upon reaching your brain it is received by what is called your satiety center. Once it gets there, the sprinkles are sending a signal that your brain reads and analyzes.

This signal causes hormones to be released that suppress your feeling of hunger, making you feel full long before you actually are. The Sensa weight loss diet will be the easiest “diet” you ever try, because it isn’t really a diet to begin with. No changes need to be made to your eating habits or exercise routine. A two-month supply of the Sensa weight loss diet comes with a complete instructional DVD, as well as a money back warranty.


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