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Sensible Steps for Weight Loss

Updated on March 11, 2011

In the United States, more than 65% of adults can be considered either overweight or obese. Losing weight and keeping it off proves to be a challenging task for many people. However, hard work and determination can help you lose weight for good.

Start by Changing Your Diet

You don't want to hear it, but it's true --- healthy eating habits are crucial to weight loss success. Even prescription drug therapies and bariatric surgery require dietary changes as part of their weight loss regimen. Keeping a food diary is one way to learn how to eat better. This simple tool can help you monitor your meal choices, identify triggers for binge eating, and develop a plan to improve your diet. It's easy to lose track of the amount of calories consumed in a typical day, especially if you eat while driving, watching television, or talking on the telephone.

Changing unrealistic and negative attitudes can make it easier to achieve weight loss success. While it can be frustrating when unwanted pounds don't disappear as rapidly as you'd like, gradual weight loss produces the best long term results. Remember that weight loss success is about improving your physical health and well-being. Your goal should be to feel strong and healthy, not to fit into a pair of size 2 jeans or look like a model from your favorite fashion magazine.

Ask for help as needed. Support from your family and friends is useful on your path to weight loss success. There are also formal support groups for overweight or obese people who are trying to make healthier lifestyle choices. Even something as simple as sharing your feelings in an online diet forum can help you stay motivated as you work to change your lifestyle and reach your weight loss goals.

Work Exercise into Your Daily Routine

If you're looking to lose weight and get in shape, you don't need to spend a small fortune to set up your home gym. The key is to consider your fitness goals and personal preferences before purchasing any home exercise equipment.

Trampolines are an economical, efficient, and effective option for getting in shape when you're on a tight budget. A trampoline can provide years of daily exercise. Trampolines are convenient and portable, making them great for frequent travelers. Trampolines are an excellent fitness choice for stay at home moms, apartment dwellers, home business owners, or office executives who can easily store a folded up trampoline in a nearby room.

If you love to walk, but live in a climate where walking outdoors isn't a suitable year round option, a treadmill may be a wise investment. Choose a treadmill that has pre-set and programmable workouts to vary pace and incline. A pulse monitor, water bottle holder, and book rack are nice to have. If you plan to watch TV or listen to music while working out, make sure you will be able to hear those over the treadmill itself.

Does lower back pain limit your ability to exercise effectively? A recumbent bike positions the user in a more reclined position with the user's legs horizontal to the floor and his back is supported by the seat. A recumbent model will typically be easier on the lower back than an upright and will emphasize the hamstring and gluteal muscles more than an upright exercise bike. As an added bonus, many recumbent exercise bikes feature programmable display units for you to track and monitor your performance.

If you're serious about burning calories, consider a cross-country ski machine. The cross-country ski machine engages the upper and lower body muscles more vigorously than any other exercise equipment. This generally means more calories burned per minute, especially when the front of the machine is raised to mimic uphill skiing.

Consider Weight Loss Surgery as a Last Resort

When diet and exercise alone don't work, more drastic weight loss measures may be necessary. Gastric bypass weight loss surgery can help you lose up to 90 percent of excess body weight. To be a good candidate, you must be at least 100 pounds overweight and have a history of failed diet attempts. Most patients also suffer from obesity-related medical conditions such as hypertension or diabetes.


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    • Om Paramapoonya profile image

      Om Paramapoonya 6 years ago

      Great advice! One more tip I'd like to add: riding your bike to work (if it's doable) is another practical way to exercise, save money on gas and be kind to the environment. Rated up and useful. :)