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Sensitive Skin & Allergy Free Detergents and Soaps

Updated on January 30, 2011

Sensitive Skin Detergents and Soaps

Many people like myself have sensitive skin to detergent perfumes and ingredients. The sensitivity is not always an allergy. Symptoms of a detergent allergy include itchy skin (especially on surfaces which rub against clothes), redness, rash etc. Below are lists of products and how they address sensitive issues. Not all products are free of perfumes and dyes. If you suspect you have a skin reaction, change your detergent or soap.

Laundry Detergents for Sensitive Skin

Today in the grocery store you can find a detergent for sensitive skin under each brand.

all® Free Clear: no preservatives, no perfumes, no dyes. This is also one of the most affordable detergents available in different sizes and concentrated.

Tide Free: does not include dyes or perfumes. Available in powder or liquid in different concentrations.

Cheer brightCLEAN™ Free & Gentle: includes only some specific dyes and perfumes for your sensitive skin and keeps the brighteners in the formula.

ECOS Free & Clear: Earth friendly detergent does not include oils for fragrance, fabric softeners, or cellulose fabric brighteners. This product is not only good for you, it is more eco friendly! Safe for septic systems.

Bright Green Free & Clear: Bright Green is a brand sold at Tom Thumb and Randall’s store locations. This product is designed for sensitive skin, the container is composed of 25% post-consumer recycled plastic, and is phosphate-free. Safe for septic systems.

Fabric Softeners

In addition to an allergy free laundry detergent, complement your wash with a dye and perfume free dryer sheet. Don't forget to use all products free of irritants to eliminate any skin irritation. I have used Bounce Free & Sensitive dryer sheets and they perform just as well as any other dryer sheet. Usually there is no generic alternative at my local grocery stores, so I have to spend the extra couple dollars on the Bounce brand.

Soaps and Body Lotions for Sensitive Skin

Dove® Sensitive Skin®: Dove designed a line of lotions, soap, deodorant, body wash, and cleaners which are dermatologist-tested, fragrance free and hypoallergenic.

Keri Sensitive Skin: Lotion is fragrance free, lanolin free, and dye free.

Ivory: Ivory’s basic products are naturally free of heavy perfumes or lotions and are one of the best values for your money!

Eucerin: Dermatologist recommended lotions for sensitive and dry skin.

Oil of Olay: Quench Body Lotion for sensitive is fragrance free with Aloe Vera.

Sensitivity to Band-Aids

Many people are also sensitive to band-aids and this is not always an allergy. Some people are allergic to latex, and need to purchase-latex free band-aids. Others have a sensitivity to band-aids in general. Symptoms include dry and reddened skin at the band-aid site, itching and pain.

One solutions is to throw away band-aids all together. Gauze with soft medical tape over a wound will help prevent skin irritation. The irritation often occurs on more sensitive skin area. Rough areas of skin (such as the heel of the foot) may not experience any irritation with the use of band-aids. Liquid band-aids can be used by some people and may be worth the try.


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    • profile image

      Cam F 6 years ago

      I have tried and tried over the years to find a bar soap that won't cause me splotches and doesn't have a fragrance that bothers my chemical sensitivities. Made from Earth is one!!!! I am so excited that I found the soaps from the Made from Earth brand. They have 5 different types - and I tried all and LOVE THEM.

      Usually the fragrance free bars either have some strong smell (to me) or they aren't worth a flip. Made from Earth has a very very light nice's almost imperceptible, actually it probably is to others who don't have nose that smells and is allergic to everything! Had I known it had even a hint of a scent, I wouldn't have bought it because I would have thought that it would break me out. So don't let it deter you. Not even a hint of redness after I bathe. This soap is fabulous and I highly recommend it!!!

    • profile image

      Gillian 6 years ago

      Recently I forgot my Bounce Free & Sensitive dryer sheets at home. I decided to purchase a box of regular Bonus sheets at the laundrymat. Over the next couple weeks I developed intense itching of my hands. A red rash developed. I tried applying anti-itch skin moistureizer which helped only marginally. The next vist to the laundrymat I returned to the Bounce Free & Sensitive dryer sheets. The itching and rash disappeared. I used All Free Clear detergent on both trips. Just thought I'd pass this on to other suffers of detergent perfumes and ingredients. It's Clear and Free for me here on out.

    • profile image

      Madison  6 years ago

      My daughter had been suffering with a terrible rash that her allergist diagnosed as 'eczema.' She had been on allergy pills and cortisone cream that helped but only temporarily. The rashes began painful and started to affect my daughter even when she would sleep. Her allergist then recommended the all natural and alelrgy free baby soap and shampoo from '' We started using that soap on her and within weeks the eczema started to subside. Many children are sensitive to the soaps that are being used on them due to the chemical sensitivties. My allergist has saved my daughters life and I definitely recommend using that soap. Hope this helps someone suffering with skin allergies.