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Sentenced To The Chair.

Updated on October 6, 2009


Sentenced to the chair!!!


  ©-MFB III 

  My grandma sat
in her wheeled chair
sentenced to life
a prisoner there
gazing with a 3 mile stare
through cataracts
that blurred the glare
far back to someplace
who knows where??
she never spoke
clots stole her tongue
in one quick stroke
her voice fell dumb
but she could grunt
though sounds were few
you'd swear she'd grunted
"I love you>"
Death came to claim
her frail, worn flesh
she smelt so fresh
I left a kiss
on her cold face
I sang in tears,
"Amazing Grace."
We buried her
in hollowed ground
and left her where
there is no sound
at home at last
with other folks
who all were felled
by death's quick strokes
they all had words
fate left unspoke
Yet now I'm sure
she walks and sings
and talks about
most everything
to loved ones who've
gone on before
on the banks of heaven's
golden shores
some poor old soul
has claimed her chair
"But, God I miss her
sitting there>"


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