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Setting Our Life Priorities Straight

Updated on July 19, 2017
ValKaras profile image

Val is a life-long student of the psycho-philosophy of living and a devoted practitioner of many techniques that enhance personal evolution.

Life Becomes Easier and So Much More Organized When We Set Our Priorities Straight
Life Becomes Easier and So Much More Organized When We Set Our Priorities Straight

Driving Blindfolded on Highways of Life

As we know, wisdom of life is often spoken in metaphors. Not only that some already formed truism can be expressed metaphorically, but many of those simple everyday features of living are hiding a lesson of life.

Take for an example everything pertaining to having a car. In an order of importance, what could be viewed as more important to us---is it a map of streets in town, having a GPS, locations where cops usually hide waiting for offenders, and areas to be avoided for their known crime activities?

Or is it maintenance of our car for its best performance, and forming some good driving habits---regardless of where that car will be driven? The metaphor is right there, isn't it?

It's pointing at our priority of maintaining our body and mind in an optimal condition and mastering some good skills of operating both---no matter what path in life we may choose.

What further makes sense is trying not to "bump into others", trying not to "speed" too much in our ambition, or "brake" too often for a lack of confidence. "Sharing the road" with others while respecting their own chosen "destinations" is another peace of wisdom learned from our use of car.

Sometimes in Life It's Not This Obvious Why We Are Not Getting from Here to There
Sometimes in Life It's Not This Obvious Why We Are Not Getting from Here to There

Minding the Model of Functioning

Many folks fail to realize how their priorities are at a wrong place, while they don't see their use of mind and body and skills of interacting far more important than "where" they want to go in life.

What stays invisible to them is also the fact that those very skills or a lack of them are determining "how far" they may dare to go in life. With "bad tires" or an engine that "heats up" fast, you are not bound to undertake an interstate trip.

Ignoring the limitations of the "car" is probably the main reason why we see so many overachievers having a few heavy diagnoses at time of their life when they should be enjoying the fruits of their exceptional efforts.

They forgot to nurture their peace of mind, their harmonious interacting with family, their sense of humor, and those precious moments of playful and carefree beingness. Not to mention a quite probable "pushing the limits of the engine on a dirty oil" for too long---by those fast foods taken on a stomach irritated by problems and hussle.

Maybe our movie celebrities, or at least some of them, could provide a good list of such examples. By never sorting out the priorities in their life, their fame, money, and the hectic demands of their career soon do a number on their mental engine, and then they have to resort to alcohol, recreational and prescription drugs, promiscuous sex, and other eccentricities to patch up that hole in their senseless existence.

Nerves Are a Poor Guide in Life
Nerves Are a Poor Guide in Life

When Nerves Are Running the Show

However, we could see something similar at those "underachievers", since it seems to be such a "popular" trait to ignore the importance of our life priorities. Many of us keep ignoring those "flashing red lights" on our dashboard until we are forced to see the "mechanic"---whom we call "doctors".

We allow our nerves to run our show instead of our consciously chosen intent. We allow our emotions to push us around, and those learned shrinks and our culture of spoiled brats are even encouraging us to "let it all hang out".

Self-discipline is something that we only like watching in those movies with martial artists and their incredible feats of controlling their minds and bodies. Our psycho-physical state is often equal to a dusty and rusty car---since I am already using this car-metaphor.

All in all, let's face it, folks, we don't end up being presentable enough for a car-show, with our "bad vibes", our inclination to complain, accuse, and obsess over the slightest mishaps---even feeling victimized by the weather. Not to mention blaming it all on the "traffic" that we are slacking so much---particularly politics and all kind of social issues. Those deeply into religion are blaming "evil" for their getting nowhere in life.

Like late Benny Hill would say: "Aren't we a lovely bunch of coconuts?"

Crappy Investment---Crappy Dividends

Indeed, brushing our teeth is not enough for a winning smile. Winning has to come from within---no matter what winning may mean to people's different life aspirations.

Recently I was watching on YouTube a short lecture by David Icke and I just loved a metaphor he used, which so brilliantly expresses our futile efforts due to our wrong prioritizing in life.

He compared it to a situation in which we are observing our messy hair in the mirror, followed with a rather eye-opening question: do we try to comb the hair on our mirror image, or on our head?

It so clearly shows what so many of us are trying to do in life---we figure that by providing the outside "reasons" for happiness we'll become happy. Well, long before David Icke's metaphor with the mirror, it was Abraham Lincoln who got credited for saying: "We are not happy because we are successful, but we are successful because we are happy".

For indeed, everything either rewarding us or befalling us in life is merely a mirror reflection of who we are inside. Even if we are not prone to believe in so called Law of Attraction with like attracting like, we can attest to validity of its tenets just by remembering those days when "everything went wrong after we got up on a wrong foot".

Now transfer it to the big picture of life, and we have every proof we may need that thinking and feeling crappy, having some pessimistic crappy beliefs, and applying that crap on our life on a regular basis is bound to result with a crappy life.

Carrying All of It Can Become Unimaginably Heavy Load
Carrying All of It Can Become Unimaginably Heavy Load

Putting Cart Before Horse

And yet, here we go persisting with our fixing circumstances which we caused by something that had to be fixed first---if we had cared at all to set a right order in our priorities. How many of us will keep eating wrong foods, abuse alcohol, soft drinks, and these days cheer about the upcoming legalization of marijuana?

When you really think about it---isn't it so embarrassing for us homo sapienses (or thinking men) to see a major solution to our crappy model of functioning in these chemical crutches?

When it's about priorities in life, we could freely say that the most of people on this planet are putting a cart in front of the horse, seeing a paramount importance in their possessions---while just dumping some unhealthy additives into their daily fuel in the pursuit of those possessions.

They won't even wake up after having realized that no matter what they may amass in their life---it's bound to become habitual and quickly depreciate. Even those billionaires get so used to their billions over time that they take them for granted, and then they need something more to stimulate the production of their endorphin---like power.

It's all so pathetic, because then the whole cultural game starts gravitating around possessions and power. Those who have neither possessions nor power derive their endorphin by imagining their power through a senseless loud-mouth protesting which doesn't change one single iota.

None of them are likely to notice how they are merely exteriorizing their inner conflicts with themselves while moving nowhere in life due to some wrong priorities making choices for them.

Once Upon a Time It Took So Little To Be Happy---and Then We Forgot How To.
Once Upon a Time It Took So Little To Be Happy---and Then We Forgot How To.

Players and Their Toys

Material possessions are toys, and we can either be a happy player or a miserable one, and that doesn't depend on the toys, but on our capacity for happiness.

Anyone thinking that money can buy them those most precious things of life like health, love, peace of mind, harmonious relationships, true respect---should have their "hood" examined.

The climax of their monetary achievements so often boils down to having a most impressive tombstone on a cemetery---with everyone around being too dead to notice it.

Indeed, folks, no matter how many of you are "saving those right priorities" for the next life, why not do it now and here. The "next life" should not be compared to that story of many "virgins waiting for us there as a reward". Let's face it---in that next life, even if there is one, we'll be transcended into a body-less dimension; which makes me wonder---what the heck are all those virgins good for with my bodily equipment missing?

Likewise, with no material toys around in that ghostly world---what will matter that we will "finally" be happy and playful enough?

O.K., take this finale of my article as humorous as you wish, but the crucial question stays---why not set our priorities in such an order which will allow us to derive so much fun even from some modest possessions? Saying this, I get reminded of those days in my childhood when with a little imagination a simple stick could be used for a sword.

Where has that ability gone in so many of us? How much we could enjoy of life if we just got our priorities set right, and then create fun almost out of thin air.


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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 3 months ago from Oklahoma

      Interesting metaphorical analysis.