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Seven Biggest Mistakes people make when joining a health fitness club

Updated on April 25, 2011

seven biggest mistakes people make when joining a health fitness club

Do you ever wonder why people nowadays are eager to join any health fitness club? Especially at the beginning of the year as part of their new year's resolution? Well, I can give a hundred or more answers to these questions, but my concern here now is give you seven biggest mistakes when they do join the club. MISTAKE NUMBER ONE- Just because others do it doesn't mean you have to do it too. Some people join because it's the trend, others do it, why not do it too. How about this," I've seen the fitness ads regularly on TV and I'm tempted to join or all my friends are all members now except me". But is it really necessary for you to join? Well, let's go to MISTAKE NUMBER TWO- Did you ever consult your doctor or physician, especially people over fifty? Some people join the club and then later on hurt themselves working out and wondering why it happened. Little did they know that lifting heavy weights and intensive workout are not good for their heart. MISTAKE NUMBER THREE- Do you know your fitness goals really? Some people join the club and then wanders around the gym wasting time looking at others. If you are really serious with your health and fitness, consider talking or getting trained by trainers, otherwise do your part wisely. Meaning determine your goals for joining and stick to them. MISTAKE NUMBER FOUR- If you ever join the club, make sure your focus is on getting fit and feeling healthy. Others join lacking knowledge about the different routines and exercises. Their motivation is very low and therefore they easily get discouraged and sure enough they quit right away. MISTAKE NUMBER FIVE- Some people don't think of long term planning, they want fast results when they join the club. You cannot change your body and health overnight, it will take weeks even months for you to see the transformation and the results from your workout. Muscles don't show up right away and your stamina will improve as you follow your exercise routine faithfully. It takes time you know. MISTAKE NUMBER SIX- Do you ever ask yourself, how committed are you to change your physical health and fitness? If you're 100% committed then you don't have a problem but if you have a list of excuses not to go to the gym when you don't want to, that's a problem. Finally MISTAKE NUMBER SEVEN- YOUR ENTHUSIASM AND PASSION FOR EXERCISE AND HEALTH MUST BE FIRED UP ALWAYS IF YOU REALLY WANT TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Some people join for a very short time because other things happen in their life and everything is forgotten after that. An example will be when one moves to another state or suddenly he's out of job, you gave up so easy. Don't get distracted, look for ways to keep up with your exercises and goals. Remember, it's your body, it's your health, it's your life.



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    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 6 years ago from the short journey

      Some very good points you make here.