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Seven Day Chakra Cleansing and Balancing Experiment

Updated on July 3, 2015
The Seven Chakras
The Seven Chakras | Source

Objective :

To get in touch with our inner energy and strength by clearing away all blocks.

We all have seven main chakras in the body : The Crown, The Brow, The Throat, The Heart, The Solar Plexus, The Sacral and The Root.

They are aligned in a line corresponding to our spine. The Reiki (Universal Energy) enters through the Crown chakra and flows down through the rest.

Chakra means wheel, and rather like the wheels on any mode of transportation the inner chakras affect the speed at which you are traversing through life. If your chakras are well balanced and functioning as intended you are more than likely to be in good health and pursuing your life purpose with happiness.

Just like the wheels on your car, even the wheels of your soul need to be maintained periodically to function optimally. Here we will spend the next week doing this simple energy maintenance work for one chakra each day.

Understanding the correlation between our physical body and our subtle, energy body allows us to figure out how what we think, say and do physically can affect our spiritual energy vibrations.

Details of all seven chakras
Details of all seven chakras | Source

Attitude of Gratitude

For those who have not been initiated into Reiki, this is a short prayer where we thank everyone who is involved in the Reiki Healing. Traditionally there are four statements

  1. I thank myself for being here
  2. I thank Reiki for being here
  3. I thank “person receiving Reiki treatment” for being here
  4. I thank Guru, God and anyone else for being here in spirit. ( In the last part I thank all my Reiki masters (all three couples)by name in this step, along with my parents who gave me birth and my husband and son who are an essential part of my existence. You can make it as long or short as you desire.)

Day 1 : Mooladhar or Root Chakra

Color: Red
Element: Earth
Position: Base of the Spine
Objective: Birth issues, survival patterns, generational patterns, money, food and health issues, grounding.

When your Root Chakra is closed…

You feel you have been abandoned by your parents, you feel you have to survive life and are constantly getting by or going without, there is never enough money, and you hate your body and feel you are not good enough the way you are.

When your Root Chakra is opened…

You have a strong connection with your family and or friends that are like family to you, and as a result feel wanted and loved, you feel like you belong, you are content with your body and are confident with money, managing it well and always having enough for what you need and want.” – Carol Tuttle

Energy Exercise :

This simple technique should take you about five minutes, certainly not more than ten. I am sure that you have that much time to spare for yourself each day.

  1. Take a comfortable posture. If you prefer formal meditation you can sit cross legged on the ground. If you have any medical issues that prevent you from sitting that way, please sit on a chair or a stool.
  2. Say the “Attitude of Gratitude prayer.” Now close your eyes and take three deep breaths. With each breath you inhale imagine positive energy entering your body. With each breath you exhale imagine smoky black negativity leaving your body.
  3. Now rub your hands together slowly, energizing them. Say the affirmation “Reiki flow through my hands.” When you feel the energy respond in terms of either a tingling sensation, increased heat, or a sense of warmth in the palms, you are ready to proceed.
  4. Settle into the process of breathing deeply as you take your hands behind your back and place your hands on the base of your spine. Make a T with your palms so that you cover the entire lower portion of the spine.
  5. This is the seat of your Root Chakra. Now say the affirmation “Reiki cleanse and balance my Root Chakra.” Imagine the universal energy travelling from your crown chakra all through your body. It flows through your palm chakras into your root chakra.
  6. Observe that the murky red colour of the chakra changes to a brilliant sparkling red as all blocks are cleansed away and the chakra is balanced. Let the energy flow freely in the Root Chakra. Stay in this high energy mode and let the chakra bloom.
  7. Once you feel that the flow of energy has stopped as both palm and root chakras are well balanced, gently remove your palms from the spine. Open your eyes and wash your hands.

Day 2 : Svadhisthana or Sacral Chakra

Color: Orange

Element: Water
Position: Below the belly button
Objective: Sexuality, the nature of your relationships, freedom from guilt, pleasure, sensation and creativity.

When your Sacral Chakra is closed…

You believe sex is bad and that it can hurt you, or your feel you have to be sexy to be loved. You feel abused, hurt, and confused and don’t trust that you can be loved for being you.

When your Sacral Chakra is opened…

You have a strong sense of your sexuality and recognize it as one of your most powerful creative energies, you create healthy sexual experiences with others that honor you, you enjoy pleasure in many different ways in life.” - Carol Tuttle

Energy Exercise :

  1. Seat yourself in a comfortable position and say the “Attitude of Gratitude” prayer. Now take three deep breaths, again imagining with each inhalation that pure cosmic energy is entering your body and with each exhalation all stagnant negativity is exiting your body.
  2. Rub your hands to sensitize them to the energy flowing through your body. Now gently hold your palms together and begin to separate them about ten inches. Bring them back together and feel the pull of energy between them.
  3. Now close your eyes and imagine that there is a ball of positive energy being collected in between your palms. Feel the energy between your palms grow with each of the five deep breaths that you take.
  4. Once the energy between your palms is a fairly large sized ball bring it towards your lower abdomen and imagine pushing that energy ball into your Sacral Chakra. Place the hand over your lower abdomen below the navel.
  5. Observe in your mind’s eye how the orange colour of the chakra changes from a dull shade to a brighter one. If you feel the chakra still needs cleansing, make one more energy ball between your palms and charge your sacral chakra again. Observe how the color brightens some more.
  6. Once you feel that your Sacral Chakra is now cleansed gently slide your hands from the center of the abdomen to the sides and remove them from your body. Open your eyes and wash your hands.

Day 3 : Manipur or Solar Plexus Chakra

Color: Yellow

Element: Fire

Position: Above the navel

Objective: Relationship with yourself, personal power, self-esteem, freedom from shame, self-worth, and self-image

When your Personal Power Chakra is closed…

You feel like a victim in the world and often feel powerless relative to other people and circumstances. You give your power away to others as you feel this is necessary to keep peace in relationships. You suffer from stomach pains and stomach anxiety.

When your Personal Power Chakra is opened…

You have a strong sense of your own power and how to use it in healthy ways. You admire others with power and influence and choose to emulate people who are using their personal power to make a difference in the world. You want to use your power and influence for good in the world.” –Carol Tuttle

Energy Exercise :

  1. Sit comfortably, say the “Attitude of Gratitude” and take three deep breaths. Imagine the energy flowing though you with each breath as you let out all negativity with each exhalation.
  2. Bring your palms together and rub to activate the palm chakras. Now place them on the stomach region just above the navel. Close your eyes.
  3. Visualize the yellow Solar Plexus chakra as a wheel of energy, rotating clockwise in gentle circles.
  4. Now imagine that you are pushing energy from your palms into the chakra and as the excess energy reaches it, the chakra begins to expand and speed up. It spins like a top.
  5. The faster rotations are accompanied by a stripping out of smoky energy from the chakra taking away any negativity it stored. Ensure all negativity has spun out of the chakra leaving it cleansed and charged with positive energy.
  6. Now gently allow the chakra to slow down to a natural rhythm inside the energy body. Gently open your eyes. Remove your hands from the stomach and wash them

Associated Stones Rose Quartz,Malachite, Jade

Benefits of Reiki
Benefits of Reiki | Source

Day 4 : Anahata or Heart Chakra

“Color: Green

Element: Air
Position: Center of chest
Objective: Heart, compassion, love, emotional zone, self-acceptance, masculine/feminine of the self, and forgiveness.

When your Heart Chakra is closed…

You are afraid of commitment and feel like you have to please others to be loved, you have been hurt by others many times in relationships and now feel like you have to guard yourself from being hurt again.

When your Heart Chakra is opened…

You are comfortable in your relationships, giving and receiving love easily, feel a heartfelt sense of gratitude for
how wonderful you life is, you appreciate others and feel compassion for yourself and others without feeling sorry for anyone.” –Carol Tuttle

Energy Exercise :

1. Sit comfortably, say the “Attitude of Gratitude” and take three deep breaths. Imagine the energy flowing though you with each breath as you let out all negativity with each exhalation.

2. Charge your palm charkas by rubbing your hands together and place them on the center of your chest.

3. Now close your eyes and imagine the green heart chakra in the center of your chest. Send energy to it from your palms. As it receives the energy imagine it expanding.

4. Feel the love that you get from your family, your friends, your world. All that love energy comes pouring into your chest and expands the heart charka and flow outwards from the chest region to cover your full body.

5. Feel surrounded by this loving energy. Allow it to reach out to each part of you that you may have ever criticized in the past. Let those parts feel loved.

6. Now enjoy the state of being loved so much. Bring back the love energy into your heart chakra region in the chest. Gently remove your hands from the chest and open your eyes. Wash your hands.

Associated Stones Blue Kyanite, Angelite, Blue Turquoise

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Day 5 : Vishuddhi or Throat Chakra

“Color: Blue

Element: Sound
Position: Hollow of throat
Objective: Speaking your truth, coming from the center of your willpower, listening and being heard, communication, finding you true voice and expressing your truth.

When your Throat Chakra is closed…

You are afraid to speak up and say what you want or feel, going along with others so you don’t upset anyone, you get sore throats often and feel like your throat is blocked.

When your Throat Chakra is opened…

You are comfortable speaking your truth, you experience others listening to you and you feel that you are heard and honored for your truth.” –Carol Tuttle

Energy Exercise :

  1. Sit in a comfortable position and say the “Attitude of Gratitude”. Take three deep breaths imagining that you are pulling in positive energy into your body when you inhale and that you are pushing out negativity as you exhale.
  2. Now put your palms together and rub them to charge your palm chakras. Place one hand on the throat and the other on the neck. This will enclose your entire Throat Chakra within the palms.
  3. With your eyes closed, take a deep breath and make humming sound in your throat. Feel the vibrations in your palms, and through your body. Imagine the vibrations charging everything they touch.
  4. Repeat this process with the next five breaths you take. Then gradually remove your palms from your throat and then open your eyes. Now wash your hands.

Associated Stones Lapis Lazuli, Azurite, Sugilite

Meditation has many benefits
Meditation has many benefits | Source

Day 6 : Ajna Chakra or Third Eye

“Color: Indigo

Element: Light
Position: Between the eyebrows
Objective: Intuition & psychic talents, self-reflection, visualization, discernment, and trust of your own intuition

When your Intuitive Chakra is closed…

You feel disconnected from your intuition, or don’t feel like you have any. You feel lost when it comes to your spiritual purpose and path in life. You feel frustrated that there is something wrong with you as you feel like other people have this intuitive sense and you don’t. You get headaches and feel tension in your brow area often.

When your Intuitive Chakra is opened…

Your intuition is your constant guide that you trust and act on with confidence. You have a strong sense of your own inner truth and listen to and follow it as it guides you on your life path.” – Carol Tuttle

Energy Exercise :

  1. Once you have sat down in a comfortable position and said the “Attitude of Gratitude”, please proceed to take three deep breaths. With each inhalation imagine breathing in positive energy and with each exhalation imagine breathing out negative energy.
  2. Proceed to charge your palm chakras by rubbing your hands together. Now place the right palm on your forehead and your left palm on the back of your head, circling your Third Eye Chakra.
  3. Close your eyes and visualize the beautiful indigo coloured disc of the Third Eye Chakra between your eyebrows. Allow the energy from your palms to charge this chakra from front and back.
  4. Feel the energy within the Third Eye Chakra strengthen. Affirm to yourself that your intuitive powers grow stronger as the chakra gets charged.
  5. When you feel that the chakra is balanced remove your palms gently from your forehead and back of the head. Open your eyes slowly and proceed to wash your hands.

Day 7 : Sahasrara or Crown Chakra

“Color: Violet

Element: Thought
Position: Top of the head
Objective: Charity, connection to God and spirit, divinity, belief systems, revelation, divine consciousness.

When your Intuitive Chakra is closed…

You feel no connection or guidance from a higher power, you feel unworthy of spiritual help and are angry that your higher power has abandoned you. You suffer from migraines and tension headaches.

When your Intuitive Chakra is opened…

You feel connected to a higher power and sense that you are being watched over and cared for. You know you deserve immense blessings and feel immense gratitude for the universal love and appreciation you feel towards yourself and others.” – Carol Tuttle

Energy Exercise:

  1. Sit down in a comfortable position with your spine erect. Take three deep breaths all the time imagining that with each inhalation you draw in positive energy into your body and with each exhalation you throw out negativity.
  2. Now close your eyes and imagine a beautiful ball of energy forming right above your head. This energy comes from the more pure, positive source of energy in the universe. Observe it just above your Crown Chakra and place your palms on its sides.
  3. Take a deep breath and as you exhale imagine pulling this ball of pure energy into your Crown Chakra with your palms. Place your palms on the top of your head.
  4. Now let your violet coloured Crown Chakra use this beautiful pure energy to expand. As the chakra expands allow yourself to feel gratitude for all that you have in life. Say a short thank you for all the blessings that your life contains.
  5. Feel the energy in your Crown Chaka grow brilliant as your gratitude pours out. Once you feel a deep rooted peacefulness, return your Crown Chakra to its original size.
  6. Slide your palms off your head and breathe three deep breaths. Gently open your eyes and return to the conscious self. Wash your hands.

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About the Author

Thank you for participating in the “Seven Day Chakra Cleansing and Balancing Experiment”.

Cashmere is a holistic healer who believes strongly in the mind-body connection. A firm believer in the Law of Attraction, she understands the great power of the mind to manifest whatever it wants. She wants to teach everyone the fact that your thoughts can literally change your life. She is a Reiki Master, Tarot Card Reader, Crystal Therapy Proponent, EFT (Tapping) Practitioner, and a Social Media Marketeer.

If you would like to experience a Reiki Workshop or Distance Healing session please comment below.


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    • Gina Welds-Hulse profile image

      Gina Welds Hulse 

      22 months ago from Rockledge, Florida

      Very informative article. I am glad you posted the crystals relating to each chakra. That was very helpful to have that information as well. I recently became a Crystal Reiki Practitioner and it has opened up a whole other world. I find that the combinations of Reiki and crystals work best for me in keeping my chakras balanced.

    • Dhivs profile image


      5 years ago from Chattisgarh

      Very informative and useful article.

    • Harsha Vardhana R profile image

      Harsha Vardhana R 

      5 years ago from Bangalore

      Good article. Additional chanting of basic sounds like Lum, Vum, Rum etc would augment the effects. I myself practice Chakra meditations based on ancient Indian system.

      Just a clarification. Chakras have been known to Indian meditators long before Reiki was even born. But if all accepting Indian philosophy accepts Reiki too as a great cleansing and healing science with modern outlook.

    • thumbi7 profile image

      JR Krishna 

      5 years ago from India

      I have heard about Reiki healing before.

      It was wonderful to read about the seven chakras and their role in life

      Voted up and shared


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